BIDI 3. - June 12, 2018. Testimonials, Questions and Answers.

We will be able to start exchanging, through your questions and testimonies. So, I'm listening to you.

BIDI 3. - June 12, 2018. Testimonials, Questions and Answers.

Well, Bidi is with you. And I greet you.

We will be able to start exchanging, through your questions and testimonies. So, I'm listening to you.

Question: Abba said yesterday: "The primary anomaly that was resolved more than a month ago triggered the end process. And only Abba could absorb the primary anomaly in himself, thus rediscovering the complete memory of the origin of the dream, as well as the circumstances that allowed the manifestation of consciousness and its ever greater distance from the Source, until oblivion. "Can you clarify again what the primary anomaly is and the role it played in the process of confinement and oblivion?

Although this was already explained last month, I will repeat the explanation. The primary anomaly is a direct result of the polarity. The Absolute, the Parabrahman, has never moved. He was there before creation, and after creation has passed, he will always be there. The so-called primary anomaly is simply the necessary polarity of the manifestation within what you call the two, not to mention duality, but rather yin and yang, complementarity. And this complementarity has left a space that is normal.

But at a certain dimensional stage of the distance from the truth, this growing gap, through what you call the different sexual characteristics, for example, between men and women, not only in terms of energy, but also in terms of form and function, has at one point allowed what was predictable, that is, the insertion into this polarity or complementarity of an element that replaces the sacred feminine, rendering it ineffective, and thus making it impossible, except in exceptional cases, to return to unity, to merge within the primordial androgynous, in a complete and definitive manner.

The primary anomaly therefore existed even before it manifested itself, through the principle of separation or dichotomy, if you prefer, of the Source in its conforming image as well as its complement of inverted polarity. If there were not this inversion of polarity, which is not the inversion here in this world, there would not have been a manifestation or even consciousness in the omniscience of the Parabrahman that you are all one, since there is no one.

You are all and we are all carriers of this anomaly in this world. This anomaly is precisely the one that prevents us from living not the Self or the Absolute, but precisely what is in between. However, you cannot solve what is happening at the moment without going through it again yourself by becoming aware of it, not of the anomaly since it is no longer there, but rather of the fusion of your two polarities, that is to say, of joining the primordial androgynous one which is linked, as you know, to the twelfth body.

As long as the fire of the soul has not turned towards the spirit, the soul cannot be dissolved by the power of the spirit, or at least can do so, but by not giving access to the various dimensional fringes of interaction and especially, not allowing you to superimpose causalities in the same Love.

It is in this sense that those who do not complete in themselves the observation of the disappearance of the primary anomaly, cannot join the primordial androgynous and cannot open their mouths to realize the Word. There is therefore a form of amputation in which the Self can be lived, the concept of unity can be lived, but there is no reunification.

That is, those brothers and sisters who have not experienced this for the time being cannot merge in the heart of the other and are forced to remain in their heads, simply because there has been no acceptance of the disappearance of the primary anomaly, that is, the dichotomy between men and women. So these brothers and sisters cannot live either the sacred male or the sacred female.

But the clearest translation is very simple. If you realize in yourself this disappearance, you experience Love without object, true and unconditional Love. Because you have lived that everyone is nothing but yourself and that in the end, there is nothing.

But just because it's illusory and it will pass, doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of it when you go through it. Love is born of this. It is not born of the Absolute, even if the Absolute contains Love, since there is no longer any manifestation.

But I said this last time. So, obviously, now, it is illustrated in the body, since everything happens through this body. Even for those who travel, the return to this body is essential. You can't run away from this body, because the alchemy, it takes place in it.

The advantage is, as I told you, as the naked consciousness is the total permeability of all the strata of consciousness, for those brothers who come out in naked consciousness, the work and the realization of naked Love is done in the same way. It lowers the planes, from above the causal to the terrestrial plane, but in an extremely fast way. Since precisely, time has been abolished, at least in the sense of the binary matrix, and replaced by a matrix where time is no longer so compressed, the Christic matrix.

You have no other marker of your freedom than the experience of naked Love. I am not talking about travel, I am not talking about naked consciousness, I am talking about naked Love which does not depend, of course, on this world or any other world. Because it has its source beyond the Source, directly within the Parabrahman. That is to say, the junction and manifestation between the nothing and the whole inherent in this world is experienced and crossed, and therefore, resolved.

But it has never been said that all of you should experience this. But nevertheless, as long as the fusion of the polarities related to duality is not achieved, even in this body, you cannot be free. You are still conditioned, even if you are assured, as has always been said, that you will ultimately be totally liberated. But the way to achieve this in the course of the ultimate times is not at all the same. If you live Love, you are in the evidence, there is no more question of anything. If there is a question, you don't live it.

And no one can be deceived, and no one can be wrong. You can ask among you or around you, you see well that the one who lives naked Love cannot be deceived. It is your inadequacy when you do not live it, which makes you look at it in a dissociated, discriminating and therefore dualitarian way, which leads you into anger, denial or refusal.

If you do not live this naked Love, of course you will always ask yourself questions, about the other, about yourself, about everything. But ask the brothers and sisters who live it, they are countless, how their consciousness of this world or elsewhere has been transformed, how their consciousness has been totally liberated.

Your words, all the words, all the thoughts you emanate from yourself, are today only the translation of either the Word or nothing at all. The word is no longer the word. And of course, those who live with their consciences bare, go beyond the words you say, because they feel the truth. And of course, the one who does not live it can only be a victim or a whistleblower of what he does not live. It is therefore the mediocrity of Love that leads to this. When you are in unity, I do not even speak of naked Love or naked consciousness, if Love is not manifested, it is wind.

That is why I told you that when you live Love naked, there is no more ego. We have to testify. Testify not to yourself, but to the truth. It is precisely for those who are already living it, who have placed themselves precisely between the four pillars, humility, simplicity, ethics, integrity or other names, if you will, the four pillars being in conformity, Love is there.

But if Love is not born in this period, I urge you to review what you call humility. And to apply it to yourself. Stop looking at the other, who is only there to show you your inadequacies. Because if you see the other, you become the other, you are in Love and that's all. On the other hand, if you stay in appearance and do not penetrate into the heart, it means that you are in the head. There is no other way.

So, the primary anomaly ended, at the collective level this time, on May 7, it ended, but the time for everyone to realize it is the crossing of the desert, for some. And how long does it take to cross the desert? Not only in your West and in your own writings, but also in ours. Forty days.

So, the primary anomaly is not a panacea, it is not what liberates you, but it nevertheless allows you to find yourself with much more ease, if you accept to embrace. But not if you're in a position to know if it's true or not. You cannot understand it, you can only live it and understand it afterwards. If you put the cart before the horse, you will not move one iota, you will remain frozen. It means that you look back and become like Lot's wife in your biblical writings, you transform yourself into a salt statue, you crystallize. And where are you going to crystallize? In the ships. It is the soul that freezes, that is not at all liberated. It is not consumed. The consummation of the soul is reflected in this unquenchable Love.

We always find words, inferno of Love, embrace, Love without object, without condition. But until it's lived, you can't find your way around. And if you've experienced it, you can't go wrong. Because everything that comes out of you, that comes from you, is no longer of your will, nor of your person, but comes from the truth. And the truth is unbearable for the one who does not live it. And as you will be more and more numerous every hour and every day, you can well imagine that those who are in denial, in anger or in flight, will be caught up by this bath of Love. And will see at that moment, either by the encounter of the igneous fire with the fire of the ego, or the igneous fire with the vibrational fire of the Self, that it will bring consequences.

Unity, the law of One, cannot collaborate or even be in the presence of the law of action-reaction. Until recently, if not more than two years ago, you were moving from a state of grace, from thanksgiving, to action-reaction. You were making permanent movements that allowed you to enlighten. But apparently, some have not been enlightened and especially, as my sidekick said, those who follow spiritual paths and conceptualize them, without living them. Remember, Love has nothing to do with energy, has nothing to do with measure, do not confuse everything.

True Love has no use for the person. It is expressed through the person, but you are no longer that person, really and concretely. In any case, it is terribly simple, the positioning of everyone today can only be seen through their behaviour, their words, their looks. Either the look is clear or it is cloudy. Either the words are right and light, or they are murderous.

But what you do to the smallest of you, from now on, you do to yourself. And it turns against you. That's normal. There is no more action-reaction, there is no more possibility to play this game. And so, necessarily, you will have to pay, since you are now part of the duality. There is no question of saying "I don't see it", since it is present everywhere, from these days that are there. I don't want to make you feel guilty about anything, but I want you to look at yourself, to play the observer, rather than project your fears, your phobias, your mistakes. There is no error in Love. But for those who do not live it, it is a mistake, of course.

I am not asking you to accept my words, since you will check them in your body and in an increasingly immediate, even brutal, even violent way. Because it is no longer time to maintain any duality, open heart or not. Without it, you won't get through. You will be released, but the conditions of the final event and the initial event, which did not take place, do not promise you joyful things. But you can only blame yourself, because you are still a person. There are no wrongdoers, there are no entities, there is no error except in the one who says there is error. Of course, of course. The commander has been telling you this for years.

And rest assured, there are still so many of you, under the pretext of not understanding anything, who refuse to live things. Because in your head, you want to understand before you experience it. This is the fatal mistake. You cannot take hold of Love. You can only give it and be it. And as long as you don't live it, it means the person is in front. Whatever you've lived before. There is no other alternative.

Look at your everyday behaviours. I am not talking about experiences elsewhere or alignments, but how you behave when you look at the world, at yourself, at the other. Is there the same gaze and the same Love as towards yourselves? Or else it means you don't like each other. It is no longer time, as I told you, to play with concepts, to play with ideas, to play with personal opinions. You hurt yourself, in your head and in your body. You have no pretext, from the days to come, there is no element of this world, neither at the level of the subtle ephemeral or the truth, that is not an obstacle or an embarrassment to live what is to be lived, if not yourself.

For the moment they are words, but you will find yourself confronted with this reality. This is already the case. There is no other evidence than Love. But not human love. A Love that is unspeakable, that the stars have described to you for years. And still among you, some of you continue to make the strong face. They are no longer hard heads, it is the inability to be Love. But when you are not Love, you are not a kidney, but not anything in the noble sense, nothing on the level of human misery. Just think about it. Either you put something in front of it that is something other than Love, and therefore you are not Love... Put Love in front and think later.

You are reversing things in the process that is underway. For all those who are not experiencing anything, of course this is not the right time. It was said by Abba, I said it again too. But if it is not the right time, take the opportunity to see yourself, rather than trying to see everyone else through your mind, or your energies, your measures, or whatever you want. You still want, and this has always been the problem, to grasp what is elusive, you want to make it yours. But Love belongs to no one.

So yes, the primary anomaly has been effectively and concretely resolved. And the testimonies, the witnesses, number in the millions. A few million is nothing compared to the mass. Do you think that the mass that says it's not true can change one iota of those who have discovered what they are? It is irremediable. And as I said, the more you will be numerous to accept and live Love, the faster you will go, the faster you will escape time. But the more you resist, the more pressure you will build up in every sense of the word.

For the time being, it's the ones who are opposed. Then you have those who are in the refusal, it's their freedom. And then you have the soft ones, the ones who are neither in one nor the other, they don't dare. "Maybe it's not true, maybe it's true. Yes, but then my job, yes, but then my wife, yes, but then my children. "But all this has been explained to you, in every way. Love is simple, especially today. So, the primary anomaly, you saw the results everywhere on Earth, even spontaneously. The primary anomaly had already been explained for some time, right?

So let's keep going.

Voice: So this is the testimony of a sister who is not here.

Testimony: During the night from Friday to last Saturday, I went to bed while I was asleep, and suddenly I saw myself in a vehicle with two people I knew. Suddenly, I feel tight at the throat and I try to open my mouth to talk and then, more strength, I feel like I'm leaving. Suddenly, a throat sound comes out of my mouth, like a rail and suddenly a long scream.

At the end of the scream, I see the face of a galactic brother leaning over me, and looking at me peacefully. I reopen my eyes and feel the heart beating powerfully. I fell asleep, surprised by the experience, but peaceful, with the image of this galactic brother and his big almond eyes.

Monday evening, I embraced and absorbed this brother of the stars into my heart, and soon after, I felt like a gaping hole, like a magnet, absorbing the whole universe at a single point. A state of fullness, grace and above all happiness. I love us.

This is the obvious example of the truth. It's clear, clear, precise. Whatever the vision, whether it's a being, whether it's nothing at all, that's what it's all about. But there's a before and an after. And not a before, an after like some of the states experienced in previous years, because once it is realized, it never goes out again. And if it goes out, it's because it wasn't true. There is no other possibility here either. So, this testimony, like so many others you've read, that you've read to us here, you can see that whatever the setting, it's always the same thing, right?

Remember, visions, dreams, today, are no longer imaginary, but are at the limit of reality, even reality. None of this can fool you. You are still able to know if you like a painting or not. For this Love that depends on no object and no one, it is exactly the same thing. Except that the intensity is much broader and more intense, since it is not the same love, it is true Love, the one who knows neither person, nor object, nor subject. And from the moment you are in total agreement with the truth, by your alignment as you say, then the inferno of Love can be born. But not before.

This testimony is true. Thank you very much. You can continue.

Testimony: Hello Bidi. Following the question asked about the lightning flashes that appeared to the person two days ago, I remembered that last week, one morning, when I woke up, when I was very emotionally disturbed, there were several times rapid flashes that followed one another before my closed eyes. It disappeared forever by listening to a cana of you and crying. What do you think of that? Thank you.

So it seems to me that the acolyte, and myself in some cases, have borrowed this image which is not an image, but which is an archetype that does not depend on an entity. Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between archetypes that are not carried by animal, human or god entities, but by universal symbols. They are not symbols, they are pure information.

The acolyte like me, used lightning, red rose, white rose, instruments, but also sets, which are not in a form of mobile consciousness, human, animal. The animals are involved at the level of the archetype. That is, they are not animals of this world, even if they are represented in this world. You see them in their form of Light. They are real. The flash, the flash, the strobe light behind the eyes, simply reflect the passage of consciousness from a limited to unlimited plane. It is the lightning that allows this.

So, what our sister describes, this flash of light effect, even if it is not a flash of light, simply reflects the change in the dimensional reality of consciousness. Even if it is not yet Love, it is the first steps. Beyond the flashes, as soon as what you call the anointing of the Lord, it is simply information that is put on the forehead, at that moment, the stars are in front and the eyes open or closed, you can see a light more or less close to you, on the left. This is the setting in motion of multidimensionality, by putting into function the stars Clarity and Precision, which give access to multidimensionality, to its vision, to its experience.

What might have seemed like a dream, an imaginary thing, is much more real than the reality of this world. You are at the extreme limit of the interference fringes, i.e. just above the collective causal, since there are no more predation lines on the etheric. However, there was still what we had called the habit. It's not karma, it's what works automatically out of habit. It's related to the throat chakra. It is also partly related, as has been explained, to the primary anomaly, to the soul diverted to the liver, to the image.

You cannot confuse Love with everything else. And all those who are already living it, can confirm it, can't they? Who here has lived close to you, that is, this week or a week or two ago, this, and can confirm it?

Several sisters: I confirm.

Voice: There are several people.

How? How?

Voice: There are several people who confirm.

But everyone confirms it, everyone who has experienced it. It's the same thing. It's the same quality, whatever the decor, by the way. The decor, be it the gods, the archetypes, the objects, are there only at the disposal of those who are capable of it, to somehow accelerate the movement, especially up there. Here, now, everything is done by itself. But if you touch up there, as Heaven has joined Earth, you will see the effects on Earth. Even if it happens by itself, you have the flexibility to amplify it. What are the limits, except the ones you set for yourself? There is no such thing.

When I was incarnate, all this was strictly impossible. Since there was, precisely, the primary anomaly. This does not mean, once again, that everyone must be killed, quite the opposite. Rely on others who do it for you.

Any other questions or testimonies?

Testimony: Hello Bidi. Thank you for your attendance. During your last visit, I fell asleep, then woke up suddenly because of a feeling. A very localized and powerful air movement at the same time arrived at the level of my liver. It gave me the impression of a hand pushing the air to this level. Thank you for your insight.

Then, from the moment you sleep while listening to me, of course the ordinary consciousness and the bodily consciousness are extinguished, and from now on is replaced by the total consciousness of the body of eternity in superposition of the physical body. This gives you now, as you can see more and more clearly, that it is easier and easier to leave leaving the body, but it is more and more difficult to move it when you come back. Because the body of eternity, whether you take it or not, gives another perception that doubles the physical body.

What you describe when you fall asleep is only the somatization within eternity, as a signal, of what are called the blues of the soul, and the images related to the primary anomaly, which are in your liver. But when the truth is expressed, even without intention, everything that is marked on the body, corresponding to the primary anomaly, will react. What you describe is simply that. It is not only the reaction, but also the transcendence that is done at that moment, as you can now realize with a brother, with a film, with a song, with a drawing, with anything. Since everything is Love around you, whatever the appearances related to deconstruction, to decreation.

But we have been telling you all this for years. For some of the messengers, for more than thirty years.

So what you have experienced, from the moment the ephemeral consciousness disappears and you disappear, what has awakened you, and you say it yourself, is this feeling of hand, of wind, very localized in the liver. So, a purification work was carried out because of your disappearance of the person and the joint presence of the body of eternity. It is the intelligence of the Light that does the work, not you. That is why you have always been told that you will achieve nothing in relation to true Love by passing through the person. Because here, it is not a question of habits, of primary anomaly, but simply that the flesh is opaque, even for the consciousness, even free.

So yes, what you experienced is clearly an elimination of some engrams related to images related to the soul. I think the sidekick told you about this thread that united the soul chakra and the liver in a straight line. The primary anomaly, of course, prevented the left and right, male and female, from meeting in this plane. Where? Where? Between the legs, the densest floor. Not at the heart level. Sometimes on one of the points, the chakra of the soul, where the blues of the soul are, which give the edging around the heart. But this border was not only a kind of guardrail, I would say, it was also linked to the primary anomaly. Since it is precisely when this border melts, dissolves, that Love can appear.

And for Love to appear, you must be effectively installed in alignment on the central axis, so that the antagonism, and not the complementarity, disappears, between the left leg and the right leg. The resolution in you of the masculine and the feminine, sacred as well as profane. This is not predation lines, it is not karmas, it is only fear.

And of course, in these unseen fears, all the brothers and sisters who tell you this will say that they are not afraid. But only fear is opposed to Love, it has been said and repeated. So of course, all these brothers or sisters will tell you "no no, I'm not afraid, I'm asking for this". That's not true. Whatever you believe, it's not true. It is in this sense that I tell you that it is better to persist within the neutrality of the observer, in order not to induce movements, reactions, postures, in frontal opposition with the Light.

You can see it well, what the Light does of itself, moreover, even before its amplification, on this world, on the elements, on the madness of men. You can't deny it. Do not put any obstacle between the Light and what you are, since you are the Light. Anything you put in front of you, which is not Light, will burn. And if it's your body, then it'll be the body, before the planet grid. You are autonomous, free and responsible. If your life and your experience is right, what is the point of going to take care of the other person, in his truth, his experience or his illusion. You're showing yourself to be a fake. The truth doesn't need that, neither does Love.

I say that because at the moment, many of you are standing in front of the threshold, we see it, of course, and you have, as I said last time, it's not the teeth that tremble, it's the knees that tremble, so much you're afraid. You are afraid of yourself, of who you are. And the habits, the postures, remain. You exclude yourself. Love is simple, spontaneous, natural. Today more than ever.

But I say that for those who are on the brink of precipice and emptiness. Those who are not ready will not understand what I am saying. Those who have experienced it know it, but not all those who are about to experience it. For all these brothers and sisters, I want to tell them: relax. What are you holding now? History, good, evil? Rather than look at yourself. The testimonies are there to reassure you, but not to create envy, to see that it is the same for everyone, whatever the scenery.

You all have within you that is necessary to experience this. There's no alibi for that anymore. Neither story, nor to say "I chose the material, I chose 3D". There is no such thing. When you live Love, it is Love that is true, and everything in this world that is illusion. Whereas if you do not live Love, you will spend your time criticizing Love. Look at the paradox. And that's the way it's always been. Whether with Christ, with all mystics. Mystics are the ones who prevent us from going in circles. They take you out of the dream. And the dreamer doesn't like to stop the dream. He's afraid. A primary fear. Love does not know fear, it is impossible.

Do you have any other testimonies or questions?

Voice: Yes, yes, yes. There are several of them.

Testimony: Last week, while I was walking along a river and feeling down in the dumps, I called you for a merger. And at the same time, a large white bird, such as a crane or heron, has flown away, swirled several times above it screaming, which is rare, because they usually go further away. I took it as a gift. All in one, one for all.

Thank you very much. From the moment you experience Love, gifts abound. The symbols, the archetypes of Light, even amputated from the truth, manifest themselves in this world. Birds, butterflies, animals, circumstances. Heaven has joined Earth. See, you are no longer on this Earth, in this transitional period, in the usual laws, we will say, in the action-reaction. Even nature, the elements, the animals, come to present to you what the truth of Love is. The one who lives Love is in communion with nature, with the universe, with everything, he no longer separates. So nature runs to give him signs. Christ at the time said so too.

So yes, in this world from now on everything is a sign. Sounds, objects, animals, music, images, relationships between everyone. But to see these signs, you must have already seen yourself. And to see oneself is not an inner work, to see oneself is to abandon oneself and become the other in totality. We have not stopped taking you, bringing you to this truth. Even before 2012, before I arrived, you had experienced communions, mergers and dissolutions. Certainly incomplete compared to today, but that was the way forward. There is no other way.

And in Love, there is no concept, there is no doubt, there is no shadow. There is nothing that cannot be in conformity and in harmony with the truth. Your whole life becomes like that, if you embrace, if you have really disappeared and if Love is there. Not before. From the moment you wake up from the dream, from the dream of the illusion of this world, from the dream of individuality, then nature, dimensions, Light, brothers and sisters, rush towards you. This is precisely where we see if the Love that has been lived is true or not.

If it was a small experiment, it would lead to the ego. And you will see beings, brothers and sisters who will change their posture, their clothing, they will still try to give a spiritual appearance, but they have not experienced anything. The liberated one, he doesn't need a suit, he doesn't need an alibi, he doesn't need you, since he doesn't exist like you. There is only one. This is intolerable for the one who remains in the person.

Because the very foundations of the person, here in this world, are precisely the confinement, the compartmentalization, the fact of being separated from others. While in Love, you live everything else in you, whether he likes it or not. And you can't do otherwise. Since you see that we are all in each other, of this world as well as of everyone else.


Do you have any other testimonies or questions?

Voice: Yes, yes, yes. So, testimony from a brother who is not present.

Testimony: About a week ago, when I woke up and lay on my back, turning my head to the left, I felt like I was coming out of my head, into a vast, empty, black space. The impression was light and faded as I got up.

The day before yesterday, the same thing happened again, always on the left side, the right side remaining normal. This time, the impression was much stronger and when I got up, I had to lean against the wall. I felt like I was going through it. I was no longer conscious on my left side and the emptiness sucked my whole body in, but I didn't fall. It seemed like I was cut in half lengthwise. Especially on the left side at head level. It was the void, the black space. On the right side, it would remain stable.

So, see the difference, with everything I described in 2012, regarding Parabrahman. The Parabrahman is the consciousness that lives this darkness. What's the difference there? It is the body that lives it, he says so himself. He finds that this body has no substance. Without difficulty, without pain and without fear, apparently. This time, it is not the disappearance of consciousness, as when you were asleep, but the real and concrete disappearance of the ephemeral. Whether it disappears in white, in black, or by symptoms of numbness, whether in alignments or at other times, usually starting with the extremities of the hands or feet, it is the same process of disappearing the ephemeral.

As I said, eternity takes up all the space, all the space, and the body. For those of you who travel, moreover, through the body of flesh, which is quite possible, you can very well see that even within this body of eternity of white light, its flows and channels, there may still be areas where there may appear areas of black light, which are not diseases or resistance, but which are proof of your disappearance. The brother there disappeared on the left side. But sometimes, you can disappear through one leg. This is real.

We continue.

Question: Hello Bidi. You said on Sunday that the body was not made to withstand the blaze of the fire of Love. As I lived it, I realized it. It is as if the vital energy of this body has decreased considerably. I have a crazy pain to carry out the activities of my ordinary life. Lack of energy, lack of strength. But how do we do that? I didn't look for anything, it just happens. It is not possible to live the fire of Love and limit it to spare this bag of meat? Thank you, my friend.

But the goal is not to spare him, it is to make him disappear.


So, of course, on the personal level, and it has been said, I told you, the more eternity will increase in density and expansion, the less you will be able to carry out the activities you did before. Some of you will even enter stasis before the others, before the collective event. Because, indeed, the fire of Love consumes everything, everything that is of the person and even the body. Not by the disease, but by its pure and simple disappearance. So, what you describe as a disadvantage, is obviously the direct result of what you are going through. That was explained, too.

So, of course, the only way to recover your vital energy, not to restrict the fire but, I would say, to allow it to metabolize in a less exhausting way, is very simple. Do not go out in naked consciousness, nor in your body of eternity, remain at the center of your heart and do not move there. And you will see that at that moment, the vital energy will be mixed with the vibrational fire, and that despite the more and more intense moments of disappearance or vibration, you will notice that Love is more and more present and that, on the other hand, everything that is in harmony with the Light, with what you are, can be done.

But indeed, if it is to participate in societal obligations, and even food obligations, and you fight against the evidence that is there, you will pay for it. But already, at first, do not forget to remain in naked Love, with all consciences in this body and not elsewhere. Anyway, you know, you are countless to travel, but your presence is absolutely not essential. Anyone, who is in good conscience, can borrow any suit.

And besides, among all those who have been travelling since the beginning, we are logically beginning to see a form of frustration. That's normal, you can't reconcile truth with illusion. At least, up to a certain level, you can, and then it's over. But I said that two months ago. You're living it now. You have to know what you want. The Light or your life, the Light or the obligations of the person. It is not a half commitment, it is a total commitment, no matter what happens, even death. You, you don't die.

The goal is still to experience the event. Whether there is the call or the trumpets, but the event of the Earth's rotation stop will not give you any chance to continue the person's game, it is collective. And as I said, some of you have gone so far, to the very limit, otherwise the whole body is consumed instantly. Be nice, stay here for a while longer.

So in your case, rest. You don't have to participate in all the archetypal masquerades. Certainly the intelligence of the Light now asks you to keep still, in emptiness, so that the body can restore itself a little, as well as a little bit of ordinary consciousness. It is not a question of dying now or of exhausting oneself, but of disappearing, in Joy and in a good mood.

And do not forget that the so-called external nature is the most appropriate place to metabolize, to alchemism Love, Light and vital energy, which are two diametrically opposed things and yet acclimatize.

Other question or testimony.

Question: Can you shed light on the differences between the essence and the principle of the uncreated, the Source, Abba, father-mother, the Absolute?

That's a lot of things.


These are concepts. I can give you all the definitions you want, but what's the point? As long as it's not lived? I repeat, and more and more clearly, you cannot understand before you live. Love does not understand itself, it accepts itself or not. Now, if you have experienced Love, I doubt very much that these kinds of questions will emerge. It just proves the confusion. You want boxes, you want definitions. Love is not a definition. In addition, all these concepts have been explained for seven years. I can't go through all the explanations again.

Abba, it is the source before the Source. She who did not know the Light, but who was the Light. It's the Parabrahman. That's what I said when I was incarnate: the only difference between you and me is that I know that I am a god. You don't know that. So when I say "god", don't put the god of your religious stories in it. I am of course talking about the Light, the Source, which is understood as such in our country. Without it, it looks like "the gods". But in your country, it's different, in monotheism, it's the devil, God. The divider. And you can see what religions have done, if not separate you more and more.

So, what else was there? The father-mother. When you say father-mother, you mean first demonstration. The father alone is Abba. Abba who has never created anything is necessarily present everywhere. Remember the old days' Channeling. Read it again, you will understand its meaning now.

What else was there? Abba, the Source, the Absolute, the father-mother and what?

Voice: The principle of the uncreated principle.

But it can't be a principle, the uncreated principle.

Voice: So that was the difference between the essence and the uncreated principle.

The principle of the uncreated is that everything returns to the uncreated. The fundamental principle is that any manifestation is only a possible dream. What is essence? It is a kind of mixture and common resonance between the Absolute, the Light, or the Source, if you prefer, and the form, whatever the form. Now, as long as you stay on the level of concepts and definitions, it won't help you. Since, in any case, when you live true Love, what can definitions do to you? Since at the level of true Love, we cannot give you any reference points, it has been explained countless times.

Remember that if you are blocking today, it is because, as I said before, you are putting the cart before the horse. You want to understand to make sure you live it. Live it without understanding anything, and besides, you can't understand it, you're not equipped. Not in the energy, not in the brain, not in the concepts, not in the concepts, to experience that. It is precisely you who build the bridge by living Love, where you connect this world, the Earth, your Earth with Heaven. Not before.

So, beyond fear, refusal, denial or negotiation, or indifference, there is also "What are you going through? . The other one is just you. In another body, in another time, in another timeline, confined in the same space called the Earth. Were there any other words? Principle, essence...

Voice: No, there was the Source, Abba, father-mother and the Absolute. And the principle of the uncreated.

But when you live Love, you are just as conscious that you are each other, really and concretely. So, you are, as Abba told you and as I told you, you are all Abba. You are all Bidi, you are all Michael. It's not a pun. It is not an energy. It is not a state of consciousness, it is the truth of Love. Where there are no more barriers, where there is no more separation, where there is no more opposition, where everything is obvious, everything is light, everything is serene and everything is true.

Only in Love can you experience this, nowhere else. And moreover, this phase of collective resurrection, individual before the collective moment, as has been said, is the greatest of graces. Don't waste any time. Even if it's not your time. Not to live it, since you do not live it, but to really look at yourself, in your behaviours, in your words, in your actions.

Do not worry about who Abba is, who is married, who is that, who is in the costume of a god. This is the cooking of those who live Love, but it is still cooking. The cooking that is necessary in this world. Not for them, but not for the others either. But since they have seen themselves in all others without distinction, they know that they must help the other person. By resonance, by syntony, by being truly and concretely in the other.

I told you the day before yesterday, eat. So of course, for the one who is in the ego, it seems grotesque, since he saw nothing of it. And yet, I assure you that all those who live it, regardless of their language of origin, use strictly the same words. And they are not words, they are the Word, they are the Truth.

You see, today, I try above all to shake the lukewarm hearts, the hearts that have put their heads in front, the devil in front. And they accuse others of being the devils. While the devil is the head, the understanding, the need to go through the head. But go straight to the heart. This confrontation, this face-to-face, you pass it where you don't pass it. So, once again, take advantage of the moments, hours, days, weeks perhaps, that you have, to improve yourself.

The other is not a landmark. He is a marker, a witness, a milestone, but that's all. You cannot live this true, total and true Love if there is the slightest component of the person in front. And you can see that. This true Love does not know the person, even if today it is possible to live it through that person. And you will see around you, that you have more and more brothers and sisters for whom it is spontaneous and natural, and then on the other side, you will have all the backpackers of new-age, Luciferian and intermediate spiritualities, who will play you as censors. They're already dead. I'm telling you this crudely. To shake you up.

Love needs nothing, and especially not you. You are the main obstacle to Love. There are no others. Not the company, not the entities, nothing but you. And from now on, since the primary anomaly is no longer, really, what you do to the other, you pay it right away, without any exception. That is why there is so much madness around you, madness of the ego, not madness of Love, unfortunately. You can see what is happening on Earth, in people, in the elements. It's not a dream, it's concrete. It's in your reality.

The urgency is not for the planet, even if it is imminent. The emergency is for the person, not for the collective. And you will see around you, even before zero time, at the moment when the temporal lines definitively separate, you will observe as many brothers and sisters who are in this beatitude even though they had not asked for anything, and then as many brothers and sisters who are in anger and darkness because they were seeking Love. The two coexist. And you can see it like a nose in the middle of your face. You can't hide from me.

You still continue to blabber on the other, to take care of something other than Love. You're wasting time. And since we are getting out of time, time is very precious. Since there is no time, but you are still inserted in this time that is yours. I speak, individually. It is no longer time to procrastinate. The truth does not wait. Neither is Love. Don't hide behind alibis.

It is indeed true and authentic that there are good moments, depending on your person, but as this person disappears, the good moments, they come mainly from the calls of the Light. No longer injunctions, but moments when you feel something coming down, something coming in, into the heart, into the head, whatever, into the feet, into the sacrum. Take advantage of these moments to avoid remaining in the person. Because sincerely, for those who live this Love, everything that is of the order of the person, that opposes it, is ridiculous without name.

Drop all weapons, baggage. You take nothing, neither your body, nor any money, nor any memories, nor any experience. You know that, we've always told you that. Even the Elders, from the beginning.

Anything else, any other testimonies?

Voice: Yes. It's a question.

Question: I would like a clarification about the crown of the head which, after having settled in the heart, unfolds on the forehead, between Clarity and Precision. The ER point is in the center. Do the stars on each side of the ER point have a specific location?

Yes. But if you don't see it, there's no point in knowing. We are no longer in the period of learning yogas, we are in the real world. You no longer need a frame, things are lived naturally. What is the point of knowing that the star Unity is there and the star Ki-ris-ti is on the other side? Nothing at all. It's like you're asking me by moving your index finger, what's the name of the tendon that's there and stretching your finger. Will it be of any use to you for the function? No.

The structural elements, and we have all said it, that you have received from A Friend, from all those who have spoken to you about this body of eternity, there are landmarks that have been given to you in history to allow you to focus on specific points at the level of intention, attention, consciousness, energy. The structure of the tetrahexahedron, I believe, and also of the octahedron, which is located between the pubis and the sacrum, have been developed. We have given you what is important in relation to what is useful in what is happening. For example, at the sacrum level. But to know, here, today, the location of the twelve plus one stars on your forehead, is absolutely useless to you.

You're trying to understand. Today, it doesn't work at all like that anymore. Before 2012, yes, that's why there were yogas, unity, truth, work on new bodies. There would be no point today in giving you back the yoga of unity, it's outdated, it's outdated. In the same way that giving you the location of the thirteen stars on your forehead is useless. Live it. Because this experience is natural. Like when your finger moves, you don't need to... it's like standing in front of your finger and asking what the anatomy of that finger is that allows you to fold the finger. It's the brain, it's not what's going on here.

In our case, it's not what's happening there, it's what's happening in the heart. What use would it be to you to know the name, I don't know, of a bone that would be located at the foot or in the hand, in the little bones? If you are a doctor, yes, radiologist, to see the fractures, but what is the use of your hand while it is working? None.

But I have said it and I repeat it with the greatest of firmness, you can only live it. Understanding it in order to hope to live it can only take you away from it. Do you think that all the brothers and sisters who open today know what a star is, or a door, or a chakra? But not at all.

Love is there everywhere, in abundance. The only valid reference point is to observe, if you are in Love, real and concrete, not in the head, if you live this Love by looking at the flower, by looking at any brother, any devil, since all this is illusion. If you make differences in the illusion, how will it work in the Truth?

So, no, I will not give the location of these thirteen stars because it takes you away from Love. Live it, and then I'll answer. Give me proof that you are living it, then I could give some explanations. But no explanation will open your heart, quite the contrary, now. Because if you still need to understand to live, I can only repeat that you are on the wrong track. And I would even say a reversed road. You are moving away from Love, you are moving away from what you are.

You must have noticed that there are still enough manifestations in your body, whether everything is fine or not. Of course there are explanations. And I also told the sidekick, when he started taking care of himself, that he was drowning in details. When you are Love, you don't need that. Everything is done by the intelligence of the Light and can never be done by the mediocrity of a brain even with an IQ of two hundred. No brain can compete with Love. He can't make it to the tenth only, and even then, it's an image that means nothing.

Love, that's all. Love lives everything. Love is the understanding of everything.

Do you have any other testimonies?

Voice: Yes.

Testimony: Hello Bidi. For the past six months, I have been in a state of physical and psychological suffering in my bladder, a depression that I can't get through. Last month, you told me to call you, which I did. But I didn't feel you. Besides, I feel almost nothing, it's like my heart is closed. Sometimes I can accept this suffering, but it is so pervasive and deep that I drown in great despair. Dear Bidi, I know you will shake me up, but I also ask you to come to my rescue.

But I can come to your rescue and you can see me only if you accept it. From the moment you think of me and that the pain thought, not the pain experienced, but the pain thought is on the front of the scene, I can not enter. The only obstacle, I repeat, is you. So, of course, when you say that, it triggers tears. But you have to go beyond that, you have to go through this too.

It has never been said that the Light will heal everything. The Light heals those who recognize themselves in the Light, but not the others. If you recognize yourself as a person, the Light will be able to do less and less for you. And it is not me who decides, nor a god or a master, that's how it works. And that's what you're dealing with. If there is any idea in your head that you want to embrace me and hope it will improve something, you will have exactly the opposite effect.

Put Love in front. Those who live Love, incarnated here, they live it. But they can't go against the person. So, for you and for everyone, I can only repeat this obvious fact, which is hard to hear, it is only your fault. This is not a reason to blame yourself, it is not a reason to feel guilty, it is a reason to get angry and go through this area of suffering.

And you have countless brothers and sisters who, even while living Love, have symptoms, the right leg, the left leg, the neck, some more bruises of the soul that may exist. So, of course, in these cases, you can tell yourself that the Light does nothing. If, the Light, it enlightens, it transmutes. But for that to happen, you have to let her do it. And above all, that you do not ask him something, concerning your person, before you have experienced Love. Without it, you detour the Light, it is no longer in conformity.

So of course, those who are in naked consciousness, in their body of eternity, can act on matter in a very simple way. But if there is any element of the person in the spotlight, it can't get in. So, whatever you say, whatever you think, whatever you defend, the only explanation is that there is the person in front. But of course, when you say that to a person, not only does he not see it, he doesn't understand it, and he will often oppose it even more. What do you want me to say?

Love is there. If you do not recognize yourself in Love beyond the per