In the Heart of the One, Phahame honours your presence and your listening. As I told you, not long ago, what you are living through right now is nothing more than the illumination of the truth and the living of the truth.


In the Heart of the One, Phahame honours your presence and your listening.

As I told you, not long ago, what you are living through right now is nothing more than the illumination of the truth and the living of the truth.

Whatever you think of yourself or the world, whatever you feel of yourself and the world, all this is only intended to make you live, to make you understand, that all this is only passing and is only a dream, where the seduction of your eyes, your looks and the forms, maintains the dream and maintains the suffering.

Many months ago, we sang the final song at the end of what is happening. We, the water people, have given you some elements. You have lived with us, as we have lived with you, whatever the translation, the ineffable truth of Love.

Today, the illumination of the truth is intense and total, so that you can never say that you did not know, so that you can make it intelligible to yourself, by the grace of the intelligence of light, allowing you to deposit, in the heart of the heart, all the decoys of your present identity, as of any identity.

Do not judge anything of yourself, do not judge your thoughts or feelings.

The end of the dream at the collective level simply means to be granted in the present instant, to be granted to what is being lived in the moment, and not to be granted on the known, or on the hypothetical future.

The song of awakening was sung by the water people. Countless dolphin brothers will accompany you in every possible way, too, to brighten the end of this dream.

You were invited, many weeks ago, to get as close as possible to the waters below. These waters from below were fertilized by the waters from above, by our song, by your presence too, and by a set of circumstances, which had been milestones set even before the first manifestation, even before the first dream.

This is what you find, this is what you have to live, no matter what your world says, and no matter what your person says.

Accepting the truth without knowing it makes you live that this knowledge has always been there, but that you simply forgot it, in the face of the obligations of this dream.

Today, countless people all over the world are leaving the dream, not by fleeing this world, but by assuming it in its entirety, by embracing it as an element that is only passing, as events that follow one another automatically.

Our song is an invitation to meet you, where you are neither form nor consciousness, where there is neither subject nor attribute, where there is the intense truth, that of joy, that of joy, without object, without subject and without reason, that of your gratitude.

We are here for that, we, the water people and we, the guardians of the dream. We have furrowed the waters from below on this earth, so that the resonance and the connection with the waters from above can never be lost, nor even misplaced even more.

Do not forget that water is also the water of mystery, the mystery of dream, the mystery of creation and mystery itself.

The influx of adamantine particles of light has of course also re-informed and reseeded the waters from below, but also the waters of your body, and by approaching the water, by immersing yourself in the water, whatever its nature, you find yourself, in a very simple way, without question, and without preconceived ideas.

Today I invite you to swim again, to immerse yourself in these waters, because the waters are the matrix of the dream and the matrix of creation, long before the crystal and crystals were arranged.

Water is nothing more than a crystal, leading and carrying the information of resurrection and life to your cells.

Being in contact with water means finding the source, finding the meaning of the dream, and now coming out of the dream.

As you know, the trees on your land also align you vertically. We, in the water, align you horizontally. You are at the junction of verticality and horizontality.

You are the waters from above, the waters from below, you are the waters of baptism and the waters of sacrifice, the waters of Genesis and the waters of the exit of the dream.

There is no other composition of the dream, more malleable and accessible from now on, than water. Water is a vector of life, water is a vector of information, water is a vector of fire.

The time has therefore come for you to be baptized in truth and in the spirit.

Many of you have heard our song, many of you have realized that we are within you, even within our oceans.

Today I invite you on behalf of the water people, not only to approach the water, but to immerse yourself in it. Whether at home, in the water of the seas and oceans, or in fresh water, it will help you to find the origin of the dream, and the origin of creation.

Not by any understanding, but by a radiance and a reliance of water, between the waters below and the waters above, which are also in each of the cells that constitute you.

To immerse your body in water is to return it to its origins, to live its quintessence and to live its freedom.

Today, this baptism is not a baptism and a consecration of your flesh, but a consecration of the truth.

By passing from air to water, from your body that is placed on the ground, you reunite water, fire and earth, and air.

In this particular alchemy of the Four Living Ones, which has been impelled not far from here, at the junction of the four east, the two continents and the two seas, the alchemy of the four elements is entirely realized in you, bringing you back to the primordial ether, at the origin of the dream, inscribed forever in the matrix waters.

In other words, the good news only needs to be manifested through you, and water is one of its most important agents and vectors.

Water from below, the carrier of water information from above, puts an end to the mystery, the mystery of who you are, in truth, and beyond all people.

May it be even your tears that come out of your eyes, for whatever reason, the same baptism, the baptism of the spirit, the return to the primordial ether of white paradise, first thought and first dream, be realized.

In the same way that we have made you live, through our presence in you, Agape, if there are still things in you that seem heavy to you, to carry or to live within the awakening, then call upon our dolphin brothers in you.

They have shown you and demonstrated, in a powerful way, their possibilities of lightness, and to transmit this to you.

This energy, this consciousness, you will find it again as you emerge in the waters of your bath, of our seas, or of your lakes, with the same intensity.

We can only commit you to prove it to yourself and verify it by yourself. If it is a bath at home, it is not necessary to add anything to it, but simply that the surface and contact of your skin, up to your neck, touches the water, and settles for a moment in that water, to remind you who you are, in truth and beyond any form.

Our song, moreover, resonates not only for you, but in all the waters of creation, here on earth, as well as on what you call the highest dimensions. The resonance and the relationship is identical, between the waters from above and the waters from below, and you carry this water within you, it constitutes you for the most part.

And so this contact with water, this immersion in water, will allow you to resonate with the waters from above, with the primordial ether and with the truth.

You will also be able to see a soothing of the zones of resistance or suffering, whether in your body or in your head, we can only invite you to live this, and to see for yourself, the results you obtain, as for the truth and also as for the greater ease of what you have to live through your life, as for your body.

In this way, you will participate in the resolution of the dream, not only for you who are in contact with water at this privileged time, but also for the whole of creation.

We are now accompanying you, the water people, in its entirety, whenever possible. We will approach you in an ever more lucid and evident way, in order to transmit to you the gift of grace, and the gift of truth.

You have nothing to ask, there is no particular rule, just emerge in the water and observe what is happening at this time and then, to see the truth of my words and indications.

We will also be with you, every time you are in the water, even if it is not in our body of flesh, but we will be accessible to you, in a much more obvious and lucid way than what has been the case, today, for each of you.

The water of the mystery, the water from above, has penetrated and fecundated the waters of the manifestation. This water therefore carries, wherever it is, the source code of the great mothers, and this can only be recognized by you, and this can only be lived by you.

Thus, with each immersion, not only will you notice the resolutory effects, but also the propagation in a way, of the good news of the resurrection, and the end of suffering.

Every time you have immersed yourself in water, we will be in your heart in countless ways, but always for the same function, that of making you live what you are, with greater ease and facility, but also with greater certainty.

Our song and dance will resonate in you, lightening ever more your physical structure, in its density and opacity, and making you really and concretely clear, the one that does not pass through any understanding, not even the slightest feeling, but as I said by reliance and resonance.

Water is part of the first matrix of life, in this dimension where we are still, you and us, but also since the origin of the first dream.

So today, whatever you are experiencing, whatever elements have been communicated to you for many months, water represents a form of concretization and completion, accompanying the end of the dream, relieving you of all pain and suffering, but also celebrating, in you, the apotheosis of the resurrection.

Many of you have some feelings about it, such as trembling inside your body, like the sound that may be perceived in your ears and head.

You will only notice, after your immersion, a revival of life, even within the ephemeral, a greater ease in everything that still held you or made you suffer.

Think of us when you are immersed, and we will be there instantly, in the heart of your heart, not to tell you something, not even to call you, but to resonate within you the song of the dream of creation, which more and more of you are perceiving through your ears and your head.

This will put an end, as I said, to all resistance and suffering, replacing these elements with evidence itself, joy and lightness.

We will be in communion as soon as you are in our element. We will resonate with you, in the most direct and intimate way possible, not to tell you anything, but to make you live that all this is only a dream, and all this will pass, and has already passed, and that only joy and joy are the motors of truth and beatitude.

Thus, as John said in the ancient scriptures, which we know as well as you do, you will wash your robes in the blood of the lamb.

This is also how you will be regenerated in truth. This is how you will live in a more constant way, the truth of being and non-being.

This is how calm and certainty will be created in you and remember that it only takes one time, an immersion in consciousness, to live it with intensity, with certainty, and to see its effects.


This is for each of you, whatever you think about it now, you can only live it and acknowledge it.

Call us when you are immersed, think of us, and we will be there immediately, in the heart of your heart, and if the possibilities are given to us, especially in the marine environment, we will approach you in a carnal way, in order to establish, beyond the bond and resonance, a communion in the most intimate part of our One heart.

This will strengthen you in your plasticity and lightness.

A few months ago, I told you about putting a glass of water next to you. Today it is you yourselves who must put yourselves in the water, in order to be baptized by the waters from above, and that the mystery may no longer be a mystery, but an evidence, so that nothing can question you, ask you questions, and that even the greatest sufferings, are spontaneously evacuated from you.

There is nothing to believe in what I say, but rather to verify it. You don't need to reproduce, beyond the pleasure, these immersions.

We will respond immediately when you are in the water element at your request, at your heart. Now that you have begun the song of resurrection, the time of deliverance has come, and the time of lightness, the time of joy.

You will live from the inside, if I may say so, the source code of the great mothers that we have revealed to you.

For many of you, you will be able to say, without any pretensions, and without any disguise, that there is a before and after your immersion.

If you are sincere, then the truth will deliver you from what may remain of reluctance or habit in your present life. In other words, water will also be a support that will make you pass with ease from your life to life, from heaviness to lightness, from suffering to Love.

Water, the agent of the dream, is also the agent of the exit from the dream, effortlessly, lightly.

So you are countless, even without knowing it, at this time in the northern hemisphere, swimming naturally. That's what you call your vacation.

Whether in salt water or fresh water, each of you will be affected, each of you will experience this, without having to identify it, but you know it if you have heard me, if you have listened to me, then for you it will become so obvious and so true.

My words will not be very many today, what I have just said will be at its peak in terms of effectiveness, from today of course, but with maximum intensity, in what you call the eclipse of the moon, and therefore on July 16, shortly before the period of intensity, changes that I announced to you not long ago, and that you can only see from everywhere on the surface of this world, but also in you.

This is how you will resonate at the collective event.

This is how you awaken the world of dreams, not only for yourself, but for all dreams, for all creation.

This baptism of the spirit is ultimately nothing more than a return to the source and origin of the manifestation of consciousness and form.

In water, there is no longer any limit, in water, the air can no longer be altered, and you find your inner land, the one prior to the dream as well as the form.

In this period that is beginning, water will be a soothing, balm, which will apply to your body as well as to your subtle bodies, in order to cross them and bring the good news to the most intimate part of your heart.

This will no longer stop, even after the maximum phase, water will always be, from now on, an immediate and rapid way to find the source of the dream, because from the moment your body is in the water, the bodily limit of the skin that acts as a screen, can no longer subsist, and the information is conveyed by reliance and resonance, to the heart of the heart, for any of you, human brothers.

It is not a question here of feeling or sensitivity, but of resonance and reliance, which permeate all feelings and sensibilities.

We, the people of water, rejoice that we can resonate with you, no longer in the air of the earth, but in the water of the earth.

Then the baptism of fire, of collective igneous fire, will manifest itself in your heaven. You do not have to search for the date, because no one can know it, but nevertheless you will live the certainty, you will live the appeasement and the tranquility of it

Then we, the people of water, await you and we hear you, because your presence in the water, if only for a few minutes, if only once, will fill you with the evidence of joy, the evidence of truth, and will fill you with certainty, and as I have said, with lightness.

Amatchi Atounce Kama Kaya

Enoha Mis Kaya


Anahata Abba

Anahata Phahame

We are celebrating these moments so settled, so hoped for or so dreaded.

Water will bring you the necessary softness and certainty of what is lived, for everyone as well as for the collective, on earth as in the whole of creation.


It remains for me to greet and honour you, in the heart of the heart of the One.


Amatchi Atounce Ka


Brmis kaya

In the heart of each one, I carry the heart of the One, affixing the seal of Agape, the seal of freedom.

And I say to each of you, very quickly, in Water, the water that sets you up in the here and now of the unspeakable truth.

I greet each burning heart as well as each heart still asleep, with the same intensity, with the same grace.

With Love, the people of the dream and the guardians of the dream rejoice in our communion, where there is nothing but this unspeakable Love, where nothing can be lacking, and where nothing can be in excess.


Phahame and the water collective rejoice in being able to baptize you in the water of mystery, where nothing can be separated, where nothing can be divided, where you are true and whole.

Enoha Ano

Atounce Ka


Phame and the water people can no longer leave you and we sing in you, in your ears and heart, the ultimate song of awakening, which many of you perceive and hear, and which can only become widespread.


We are the Love that has never moved, and you are the Love that was never born.

Then I tell you when you wish, and from the moment you are immersed, your inner water will resonate permanently with the waters of the mystery.

Such is the gift of grace, such is the action of the igneous fire.

Phame greets you, Phame honors you, and you are in Phame, as Phame is in you.


Agape, Agape, Agape

Phahame, Phahame, Phahame

In the Heart of Humanity, Goodbye.

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