In the heart of each one was placed the truth, even before the dream of creation. Today, this initial memory of the first and last moment of creation, in every dimension, is revealed in you. This is the only truth, before the form and before the world, where everything is accomplished, whe


Beloved Abbas, may Love, Peace and Joy be present in you, in this moment and in every moment.

Abba greets each Abba in the Heart of the Heart, in the Truth and in Agape.


In the heart of each one was placed the truth, even before the dream of creation. Today, this initial memory of the first and last moment of creation, in every dimension, is revealed in you. This is the only truth, before the form and before the world, where everything is accomplished, where everything is complete, where nothing can be missing.

So let us settle down first of all, if you wish, in the Fire of the Sacred Heart, which will allow us to exchange and communicate, far beyond questions and answers, putting us in unity and truth, in the manifestation of the Fire of the Sacred Heart, and in the inexpressible Love, where you can only recognize yourself, where you can only be whole, where you find yourself.

Where Love is equal, whatever your gaze, whatever your thoughts and whatever your bonds of the flesh, irrevocably ending the dream of consciousness.

In the heart of everyone's heart, Abba listens and hears what you have to question, ask or testify about your lived experience, and about your questions.

So beloved, if you would like to ask the first question.

- Voice: In the absence of consciousness, what perceives beatitude?

Beloved, there is no one to perceive anything, the great difference being that it is through the illusion of this world, the confinement of this world, that the truth was intended to be lived.

And of course, as long as you are incarnate, present within this form, the relay is located in the ultimate consciousness, called the Heart of the Heart or Infinite Presence, which allows to manifest, within the known, and within the consciousness, the truth.

Once the support of the form is present, understood and completed in these times that you are living, there is nothing more to perceive, neither form nor color, but just to find the natural state of this unspeakable Love called Agape, that countless brothers and sisters live.

There is perfection, there is obviousness, there is the absence of question, there is the only time when you can neither be deceived nor deviated, in any way, where you can only recognize yourself in your totality and in your entirety.

For the moment, there is the observer or witness, who perceives and lives the alchemy between the simulacrum and the sacred, between being and non-being, through this body and this ordinary, human consciousness.

This is how the Son of Man is revealed, this is how the Son of Man is revealed to himself, filling you with grace, filling you with evidence, filling you with certainty, as has been said, this is the only time when you can recognize yourself in your entirety, beyond any form, beyond any dimension, as beyond all multiverses.

There is therefore nothing to perceive, even if today, the symptoms and signs are innumerable on the level of your physical body, on the level of your subtle bodies, as well as on the level of the planetary body, physical as subtle.

Consciousness is perception, it is vibration. A-consciousness is beatitude, where everything that happens, everything that is born and dies, has nothing to do with you, whatever the dimension, whatever the time scale, and whatever the space.

Space and time are the prerogative of the so-called enclosed worlds. Beyond this dimension, time can no longer be conceived as flowing from a past to a future, but is presented simultaneously, where everything happens at the same time. The same is true for space.

It was therefore essential that, within the dream of creation, a precise moment should be of eternity. This precise moment corresponds to the final moment, which is nothing more than the initial moment of the appearance of the first consciousness. There was never a beginning, there was never an end, there was never a dream.

Only remains that which has never moved, that which never needs to observe, that which never needs form or world. This is the ultimate presence, this is the Abode of Supreme Peace, putting an end to the existence of the innumerable abodes of manifestation of the consciousness itself.

This is the moment when you realize, really and concretely, that the whole of creation is you. It is the moment when you realize and realize that you are absolutely nothing in this passing form, which will have been only a dream, a dream from which you had to awaken and which could only be inscribed at the moment of the first breath, which is nothing other than the moment of the last breath. By breath I mean both the Spirit and all the forms and consciences present in all worlds, universes and multiverses.

It is the moment when you realize, collectively, and not only on the surface of this world, that the whole of creation is your dream, and that you are only dreaming. This puts an end to any feeling of having to do anything, to any feeling of imperfection, to any feeling of incompleteness.

This was written, as has been said, at the initial and final moment of creation, well before the first manifestation of the very first consciousness from the Source, in Metatron, and even before the deployment of what was called the four Hayoth Ha Kodesh.

It is the moment when there is nothing more to perceive, to feel or to experience, that wholeness is definitively revealed and acquired.

As long as there is perception, as long as there is form, as long as there is mental existence, this cannot be lived. What is being experienced at this very moment, from everywhere in the dream of creation, but centrally on Uras Gaia, only confirms what has always been announced, and which was only to be revealed in the ultimate times of confinement, according to an illusory process of unfolding time and space, until their confinement within the third dissociated dimension.

As has been said by countless voices, from the moment there is nothing more to perceive, from the moment there is no more form, from the moment there is no more objective, reality is revealed, creation only passes through. You, you'll never get through.

Each of you is Abba, wherever he is on the surface of this world, wherever he is on the surface of any dimension. This is revealed, not through the head, but directly through the heart, as the only tangible and absolute truth.

This puts an end to the dream of consciousness, the dream of evolution, and the desire to manifest within any form. This is total emptiness, and at the same time total fullness, because ultimately there is no difference between emptiness and fullness.

What is called zero time, where there is no longer an observer, where there are no more world, where there are no more people, called by some nothingness, in their fear of this lived experience, is in fact the ultimate truth and the only truth.

Everything has always been perfect, the imperfection can only come from the manifestation. At some point in the dream scenario, it was necessary to put an end to the oblique light, which instantly puts an end to the dream of consciousness.

Today, access to freedom, because it can only be in this space and in this time, in the heart of your heart, is accessible to everyone, from the moment you renounce to perceive, from the moment you renounce to feel and when you express the same Love, whatever the circumstances of your life, whatever the circumstances of your relationships, ignoring any personal instinct, and ignoring any reference to a story whatsoever.

This cannot be apprehended in any way by the mind, nor by reflection, it can only be lived in its entirety today. This is the gift of grace for the whole of creation.

The key was in you, because by your position within this body of flesh, you are constituted of a tripartition, in the densest enclosed aspect of creation, but at the same time by the different bodies called etheric, astral, mental and causal, you make the link and you are the link, between what was called heaven and earth, children of heaven and earth, and therefore children of the Father.

And in this, you are each Abba, not only you and one who are one with the Father, but really the Father in totality. Accept this is not a belief, but live the truth that can leave no doubt about what you have been, what you are, and what you will be, independently of being and regardless of any form, frame, or world.

Only there, in the space of Uras Gaa, had the ultimate key been deposited and had to be hidden, until the last moments. These are the final moments, which you have already lived with Uras Gaa for many years, and which bring you closer every day to this awakening that puts an end to the dream, and puts an end to the myth of creation and evolution.

This is the true joy that depends on nothing. This is the only true and unique Love that does not depend on any framework or conscience.


Beloved, another question.

- Voice: A question.

- Brother: As long as we have to act in this world, can we seek to be somewhere immobile in action, and without thinking in the action itself or in interaction?

Beloved, Love and truth are spontaneity. You don't have to ask yourself these kinds of questions, but first live the truth, and everything will be clear. There is no technique that allows you to be and live Agape, except to forget yourself, to disappear from yourself, whether at the level of the character, or of any spiritual desire and even of the self.

As long as there is ego, as long as there is self, there can be no absolute truth. All the truths will be fragmentary, and no answers can be provided. Only the lived experience is the understanding, only the lived experience liberates you. No element in your head, no moral or energetic conduct, can lead you to the truth.

Only the sacrifice of oneself, only the sacrifice of the self, is the seal of freedom. It is impossible to live Agape in its entirety, as long as you think you are an individual, a person belonging to this world. You're not from this world, but you're not from any world. These were the words of Christ.

There are indeed countless dwellings in the Father's house, but all these dwellings are only relays, mirrors, spaces of expression, spaces of manifestation, but are by no means the absolute truth.

The sacrifice is not related to what you could do in your life, but simply to let life live you. As long as you think you control anything, in fact, you are controlled. Love knows no control, no limits, no conditions, no world, no form.

But as I said, it is expressed through this form, in this time and in this space. And it is in this time and space that everything must be accomplished, that everything is accomplished and that everything is revealed. But you cannot rely on any element of the known, whether in the mechanisms of life's functioning, but simply to be Life.

Because being life is understanding itself. There is no yoga, no technique, no energy, no vibration, that can make you live the truth of what you are, even if there has been an evolutionary pedagogy, which has brought you closer to the ultimate truth.

Until you give yourself to the truth and life, you will never be complete, and you cannot be true, until this sacrifice is made. It is a very real process, which will nevertheless be carried out collectively in the whole of creation.

But today, as you know, more and more of you are living the absolute truth of Agape and the Fire of the Sacred Heart. Those who live it cannot have the slightest doubt or question about what they are in nature and in essence, what is called the natural state.

So I invite you, whatever there is a question specifically concerning Agape and the Absolute, to consider that as long as there is any questioning in you about it, you are only putting distance, between the truth that you are and what you believe or experience.

The most important word, beyond the embrace and crossing, is the real gift of your life to Life, is the real gift of all the manifestations of this body, whatever your activities or functions in this world, which are restored to the truth.

The one who lives the Life and Fire of the Sacred Heart lets life unfold and never intervenes in what it unfolds, but embraces it with open arms, whatever the event, whatever its nature and whatever its intensity.

Everything else is just strategies of the ego or the self, to get away from the truth, and to keep you from finding yourself.

All this represents traps, visual and vibratory, that all the elders and stars and confederation have used, to allow you to get closer to this ultimate.

Remember, that until you have given yourself entirely, Agape cannot be what you are, because that is what you put distance in, because that is what you put separation in. As long as you consider yourself as an individual, within a given dimensional framework, you cannot be free.

This mechanism is intimate and inner, it unfolds perfectly, because it is the only thing you can't deal with and cheat with.

Thus, then, the humility, simplicity and spontaneity of the present moment, are the ultimate key with your last name and first name, which allows you to be Agape, to be Abba, as well as to be Phahame, or any elder, or any star, or any archangel, for truly you are and you have been all this.

It is therefore a question here of the point of view and positioning of the consciousness itself. If you live Agape, you can only recognize yourself, and if there is questioning, it is because you have not yet recognized yourself within truth and beauty.

There can be no doubt at all, because the doubt will always be of mental origin, of vibratory origin, of felt origin. Truth is ineffable, it does not deal with any vision, with any feeling, with any perception. There is the unspeakable beauty, and nowhere else. As long as there is an attraction of consciousness, you have the feeling, the visions or the experiences.

The natural state is not an experiment, I would even say that if we call it the state of Agape, it is not even a state, because if we consider that it is a state, it also means of course that there are other possible states.

In the state of Agape, and despite or thanks to the presence of this opaque body of heavy carbonaceous density, that the alchemy impossible until now is realized.

There is therefore here too, as has been said, a problem of acceptance, a problem of surpassing and a problem of identification with your life, or with your form, or an adherence to any spirituality, or an adherence to any evolution or improvement of consciousness.

You are not consciousness, even if you have borrowed consciousness, you are well before the game of consciousness, you are well before the dream, and there is the only perfection, accessible today, and which puts an end to everything else, questioning, questioning, form and world.

You cannot imagine this in any way, there is no support for it, of any kind whatsoever. This is the Absolute, this is the unknown, which is known today, known and lived, here and now, through this illusory body, through ordinary consciousness, as soon as the supra consciousness sacrifices itself for the benefit of truth.


One more question.

- Voice: A question.

- Brother: How can we let go of all identification, is it through affirmation or refutation?

There is no technique, I repeat, sacrifice is a total gift of one's life to another, to any other, the total gift of your life to Life, induces and implies a number of modifications. It's not a technique that's going to get you there. There is no such thing. It is the real sacrifice of yourself, of all spiritual, energetic or conscious desires.

It is the complete relaxation within this form of any claim, technique and desire to improve anything, or even to transform. The most appropriate word of course is sacrifice, this sacrifice is recorded in your cells. At that moment, the zero time is lived in its entirety, but not before.

As long as there is any belief in this illusory character, or in any world, today, it is not possible to live Agape for the moment, but as has been said, the whole of creation will live it, at the moment called event.

So I can only advise you to live your life in the simplest possible way, in the most loving way possible, in the human sense, in the face of all circumstances, in the face of every brother and sister, every animal, every plant, every look, but also in the face of yourself.

Consider yourself perfect, this perfection is you, beyond the character and consciousness, you just have to recognize yourself. For this purpose, a number of keys have been provided for many years, the ultimate key is your last name and first name.

Supports can also be useful, Phahame, the pronunciation of Agape, the resonance between brothers and sisters by Agape resonance, allows to install the Fire of the Sacred Heart, spontaneously and naturally.

As long as you think you have to make an effort, or use a technique belonging to this world, you cannot live in freedom. The one who lives freedom recognizes himself instantly, fullness is his daily lot, whatever the events of his body, whatever the events occurring within his life.

He is no longer his life, but really Life. You then become the Son of Man and you can say like Christ: "I am the Path, the Truth and the Life". There is no other way but to accept this sacrifice.

Everything else, I repeat, is just ego strategies, spiritual teachings that are a total scam.

The only truth does not belong to the senses, the only truth does not belong to energy or vibration, it belongs to zero time, which contains the whole, and which is nevertheless the cessation of this whole.

Sacrifice yourself, in your humility and simplicity of every moment, be loving at every glance, in every circumstance and in every condition. All you have to do is put Love before everything else, and you will become Life, and you will be able to affirm, at that moment with certainty, because you will live it: "I am the Path, the Truth and the Life".

Everything else belongs to the game of consciousness, to the game of the person, to the game of the myth of creation.

As has been said, the time has come for a collective awakening. All the events that should occur on earth in this solar system and in the whole of creation have largely begun.

You have it before your eyes, wherever you look, on this world, the absolute certainty. Only those who do not want to see the truth will not see it, for whatever reason, but they will experience it in the collective moment.

You have nothing to look for, you have no effort to make, because it is exactly the opposite, the cessation of all research, and the cessation of all effort. For from the moment you stand still without asking for anything, without waiting for anything, you are available for the eternal present, in which is now formally written, in a formal way, the zero time, the Fire of the Sacred Heart and Agape.

But as long as there is a relief in you, a desire to improve or transform anything, you favour this world, you favour your character to the detriment of the truth.

This will become increasingly clear to everyone in the game of life, in the game of his life, as in everything that can take place on the screen of ordinary consciousness, and even at the level of the supramental.

The truth is the same for everyone, that is how you live unity and discover that in the end, there has never been anyone and that all this has only been a dream, pleasant or unpleasant, but cannot be maintained when the truth of the Fire of the Sacred Heart is revealed.


Another question beloved.

As has been repeated for countless years, by countless ways, to accept to be nothing, really and concretely, is to live the whole and the nothing, and to be freed from the person himself and from consciousness, even if it passes through expression, because you are in a form, through the consciousness of words and silence.

- Voice: A question.

- Brother: If the dream of consciousness is going to end, to be absorbed, what is the point of waking up before that term?

Beloved, to pass the awakening phase, as you say, in the best possible conditions. To have no resistance to the Fire of the Sacred Heart, to live the white paradise in its entirety, without being affected by beliefs, by the illusion of consciousness, or by any projections within any future whatsoever.

Simply, to make the awakening phase as smooth as possible, with as much gentleness as possible and as much evidence as possible. The only interest is to be free. It's up to you whether you want to be free or not, before the event.

But your life will change radically, in all its aspects and components, and living freedom through this body of flesh, through the simulacra, is a happiness that nothing can approach. Naked Love is the only authentic thing, everything else is just passing through.

The interest is not for the person, the interest is not for the consciousness, but the interest is to rediscover yourself, whatever this body, whatever the conditions of this world, there is the miracle and it is the truth.

Everything else is resistance, everything else is reluctance, and everything else is false, because it passes, and it doesn't stay.

But I will also answer you, who is looking for an interest, if not the person. Love has no interest, it is, it does not need interest, it needs nothing, it is enough for itself, and that is what you are.

Remember, everything you care about is holding you, and will hold you more and more formally and harshly. While what is offered to you by the circumstances of the dream is freedom and Agape, and nothing can match it, no possession, no knowledge, no joy of this world.

What is offered to you is the unspeakable, what is given to you is what you are, provided that you give yourself as a person to life. Everything else, from now on, is only paths of crossing, paths of confrontation, paths of suffering, as has been said, Love or suffering.

This is becoming more and more true, more and more pressing, more and more intense. In Agape, there can be no dissatisfaction at all, there can be no lack, even if, I repeat, it is expressed through the character, who will be present until the last moment of this world.


Beloved, another question.

- Sister: Does that mean that more and more....

Excuse me, I didn't hear you.

- ... Does that mean that more and more, since the light... well, there is an awakening...

Beloved, can you come next door and repeat, I didn't hear anything.

- Voice: Does this mean that more and more people who do not reach this state will have more and more suffering in the present time?

Beloved, that is exactly what has been said by me, by Bidi, by OMA and by others.

As long as you think you have a choice, there will be suffering. When you accept that you have no choice but to be yourself in truth, then all suffering will be extinguished, of whatever nature.

So yes, indeed, every day that will pass in the illusion of the time of this world, will see either Love or suffering for anyone. Either there is Agape or there is suffering. And it will become more and more perceptible, more and more sensitive, it is up to you to decide.

When you accept not to suffer any more, when you accept not to seek anything to alleviate this suffering, and to open yourself to the truth without asking for anything, really and sincerely, then everything will be restored to you. There is no other way.

This final alchemy, which is the same as the initial alchemy, the first birth of consciousness was also a moment of suffering and separation. It is the same as in the final moment, there is no difference, for I remind you, in the Absolute, there is no time, no space, no universe, no multiverses.

All this belongs to the dream, all this belongs to what is happening. Love has no interest in tomorrow, no interest in yesterday, no interest in form, no interest in worlds, no interest in your positioning, and yet that is what you are.

So as long as you take into account your position, your mind, your history, your beliefs and your certainties, there is necessarily suffering, and especially today, until you accept to give yourself. And you can only live it, to the extent of your reticence, to the extent of your misunderstandings, to the extent of your non-acceptances.

The gift of Love is a total gift, but Love entering the body, through the adamantine particles that concern you all, the body of eternity, whether you perceive it or not, is present in every consciousness, and your positioning today within your personality, can only lead to suffering, in the body as in all sectors of your life.

The one who lives Agape, who has found himself, can never suffer, it is impossible. Suffering belongs to creation, and particularly in this world. Suffering is free when there is no consciousness.

Of course, your own conscience, or your own ego, or your own self, will never be able to accept, whereas it is simply enough to let what is, and to discover oneself in truth.

This has been said by the Commander, it has been said by Bidi, it will grow stronger every day, until the moment when you will be overcome by all forms of suffering whatever they may be, then leading the mechanism of resilience and the discovery of truth, what you really are, and not in this body, and not in any consciousness whatsoever.

All this is a myth, because all this is only passing, whereas you, you have never passed, and you will never pass. And this is certain when it is experienced. This cannot be explained, but you have countless testimonies of it from all around you, brothers and sisters who are free, from everyone, from every conscience and every form, even if they are evidently still inscribed within a conscience, and within a form.

I remind you that it is not simply a transformation, from one dimension to another,from one body to another, but that it is a transubstantiation where no substance will remain, no information will remain, where the perfection of zero time is in the present instant.

As has been said by other voices, silence, contemplation, acceptance, the path of childhood, being humble, becoming human again in the noble sense of that word and expression, is the only task you may have to accomplish, and this applies to everyone.

As long as you do not love your enemy much more than you do, as long as you do not love in the same way the one who has done you good and the one who has done you harm, in the circumstances of this life, in your history of this life, you cannot be free. Forgiveness is grace, forgiveness is the return to the truth because the other is you, and in fact, when you forgive the enemy, you forgive yourself, because the enemy is only you, and he is only there to wake you up.

There is neither wrong nor guilty, there are simply circumstances that allowed the dream to come true. It is in this that we must neither judge nor condemn, it is in this that we must love above all else. There is no other rule of conduct than this one. It is not an effort, it is a deliverance, whatever your story tells you, whatever your character tells you, there is no enemy, there is no friend, there is only One.

Everything else belongs to appearances, everything else belongs to what is only passing away, and which will die out at the same time as your last breath, of which there will be nothing left, just as it is the case with every life you die in, whereas today is the end of death and it is the end of birth. You were never born, and you never died, and that is in you, and that is what you are, whatever appearances you may have, whatever your thoughts tell you, whatever your emotions tell you, whatever your lived experience tells you, you are none of these things.

Beloved, do you have any further questions?

- Voice: No, for the moment, no.


- Voice: That's a question.

- Brother: This sentence: "Father, why have you abandoned me - Eloi, lamma sabachtani", does it indicate that doubt will always be present, is it an obstacle or a necessary step before the sacrifice?

Beloved, I challenge you to have no doubt if you had nails in your hands. We will talk about it again at the events that will take place in the area where you live, when there is nothing left to hold on to, neither in society nor in your means of life. You will easily notice that whatever the chaos, there will only remain Love, it has always been announced to you, and it is the strict truth that you will live.

When you are stripped of the vital elements, when you are stripped of society and all its modern means, there will only be life left, only Agape will remain.

Thus is human nature, that as long as there has not been the greatest suffering, Love can hardly be revealed, because human beings care about their lives and bodies. He is most often identified there, in the same way that he is identified with his history, with his karma, and this is a total illusion.

Remember that there is nothing to be protected from, nothing to anticipate or prepare for, it concerns the person. Be the most spontaneous, the most available, the most present and that's all, you don't need anything else to be real. The rest belongs to the character, to the body, to societal interactions, and that's all.

As long as you are not alone, totally alone, face to face, and as long as you have not seen yourself, entirely, beyond any vision, you cannot be reassured. Doubt, once again, you take it through a known example, but the one who saw Agape cannot have the slightest doubt, even when he has nails in his hands, if he had to have them. Because he received the Holy Spirit, because he revealed himself, because he found himself.

Nothing that affects this body and nothing that affects this consciousness for the one who lives the Fire of the Sacred Heart, can alter it. It is immutable, it will never pass again. The solution is in the present instant, in your last name and in your first name, in your natural state. To become again like a child, a simple human being, who thinks of nothing, who is spontaneous in front of each brother and sister, where he sees only Love, because even events contrary to Love are only pretexts for Love.

It will always be the mind, the self and pride that make you seek elsewhere than in the heart of yourself. Take a good look. For each of the brothers and sisters present here or everywhere, either there is Agape or there is a questioning on how to get there. There is no how.

Accept that it has always been there, despite all the circumstances of your person, despite all your dreams, and the truth is what you are.

It also means that if you do not live it for the moment, and beyond the protective measures inherent in truth, if it is not lived, it is simply that you have not left the dream, and that somewhere inside you, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, there is an attachment to form, consciousness, and your life.

The Agape person is attached to nothing, and yet he is present in life, whatever the circumstances of each day and each moment, with the same equality, with the same smile, with the same brightness in the eyes, regardless of any circumstances, even of his own body.

Whoever lives it could tell you in countless ways. Simply accept life, accept that you are whole, even if you feel imperfection, accept that you are anterior to form and light and that you are at the very source of Love, and that you are your own source, and this will reveal itself, and it cannot fail, and it cannot be delayed.


The one who is true is true, who lives Agape, can only speak of Love. He is present, wherever he is located, to himself and to Love. He makes no difference according to looks and forms, he makes no difference according to his beliefs or perceptions, because he is totally immersed in Agape and totally immersed in the present instant.

This is lived, and it is certain for the one who lives it, while the rest is only an ocean of uncertainties, an ocean of endless questions, where the pros and cons are measured and weighed at every moment.

Remember, spontaneity is the truth. This is the evidence, only there, in the heart of your heart, when you disappear to yourself, and you have given yourself up to life. You need no savior, you need no exercise, you need no conditions, and there is no excuse to maintain yourself, suffering or in Love.

Beloved, another question.

- Voice: A question.

- Sister: When you talk about the moment when everything is going to die down, when you have nothing to hold on to, it puts me in a state of immense joy as if I've been waiting for this forever, finally something in me has been waiting for this forever, and there's an impatience to live it. That doesn't prevent me from also having my little person who resists and also doubts, but...

Beloved, can you repeat next door, I can't hear anything, I can only hear your voice.

- Voice : ( Repetition) ... and as if there was an impatience to experience this.....

Love is always impatient to give itself, to surrender itself, and to live itself. So what?

- ... Yes, there is a part that is looking forward to it, and at the same time, I see that a part of me is bored on earth...

Beloved, the one who is totally, he cannot be bored, there is every minute an opportunity to give, an opportunity to love, it is impossible. Impatience, yes, is a tension towards abandonment, but boredom, no. Love is never boring. If there is trouble, it means that, during certain circumstances of ordinary life, you forget who you are. Without this there can be no trouble at all, here again, in Agape.

This is also part of normal oscillations and fluctuations, since as you know, the character still exists and will be present until the last moment. And of course, in the circumstances that bind you to this world and this society, everything is done to distance you from the spontaneity of the present instant.

Look when you are available, like in this place and this space, like everything is fluid. Look at it as in the world, and in ordinary life, everything becomes complicated, you need steps, you need time, you actually have to forget that you are Agape to realize it.

At a given moment, indeed, variable for everyone depending on the approach of the collective event, you will no longer be able to participate in any way in the game of illusion. The moment of beatitude will come, which you will not be able to resist, whatever your obligations, whatever your roles and functions in this world, because at that moment you will no longer be able and will not wish for anything in the world to come out of this beatitude.

And you decide, every day. It is up to you to see what you feed, to see what you maintain as a responsibility, as an obligation.

Agape has no need of legal obligations, moral obligations, laws of this world as of any other, but within Agape, there can be no trouble at all, for everything is a pretext for Love, even in the most deleterious occasions, and the most opposed to Love.

It is necessary to be perfectly and totally present, inserted in all the circumstances of what you have to live, to better express life. Whether it is pleasant, or unpleasant, in a very short time, Agape will always be there, whatever you do, and whatever there is an obligation, but there will come that moment which will more or less coincide with the event.

When you feel this state of beatitude, taking precedence over all your activities, whatever they may be, even the most vital obligations if I may say so, such as caring for children or going to work, will no longer be valid. You can only laugh at all this and you will remain in beatitude.

Nothing can reach you anymore, in any way, the only obligation for you will be to live this beatitude. Everything else will seem so superfluous, so useless and so outdated. This will happen very shortly before the event.

The trouble comes simply from the fact that in certain circumstances of ordinary life, you have forgotten what you were experiencing the instant before, in that unspeakable Love. Remember, you are nothing of what is going through you, you are nothing of what you can see, and you are nothing of that boredom, either.

It also reflects, again, and for many of us, a difficulty in letting Agape be permanently, but it progresses every day, during each event, happy as well as unhappy, there is the game of the intelligence of light, on which you can do nothing, except to embrace, if it is not to accept,

At some point, the beatitude will be such that even boredom will not touch you, and that no obligation, I say, can be maintained, of any kind.


- Voice: She thanks you.


- ... She thanks you.


Another question, or something else to testify.


Beloved, if there are no other questions or other testimonies...

- Voice: apparently not.

So it's time to let you live the present instant and the truth. If there is one thing I would like you to remember, it is that each of us is Abba, whatever the appearance and whatever the form, agree to recognize yourself in Abba and Agape will be there.

You have nothing to ask for, you just have to accept it, and the truth will come out. She will never be able to leave you again.

May Peace, Joy and Love be forever deposited in your heart.

Agape, Agape,, Agape.


Through Jean Luc Ayoun

The Transformation

Transcript in French:

English translation: by LMF


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