ABBA. February 10, 2019.

From the heart of each one, Abba resonates, so that each presence here as everywhere, may meet in the bliss of absence, in the bliss of evidence, where there is neither time nor space, where only beauty is the justification and at the same time the only Truth...

ABBA. February 10, 2019.

Beloved Abbas, in the heart of the One, may peace, joy and Agape be present in everyone, beyond all presence and in every time.

From the heart of each one, Abba resonates, so that each presence here as everywhere, may meet in the bliss of absence, in the bliss of evidence, where there is neither time nor space, where only beauty is the justification and at the same time the only Truth, beyond any form, beyond any colour, as through each one.

The unfolding of Truth is done in each one of us by countless ways, by countless discoveries, by countless confrontations, whose resolution will always be the ever more magnified unveiling of the intelligence of the Light and the intelligence of Love.

As time goes by, each of you on your way, as you walk through this world, finds yourself adjusted as close as possible to the ineffable Truth.

In any circumstance as in any situation, in any resonance as in any opposition, the only purpose is this Truth, which more and more of you are finding and living, where there is no questioning of the Truth of Being as well as of Non-Being, whatever elements may still seem to stop you in this form of infinite progression that will never dry up. Whatever the forms, whatever the events, which can only grow like a devouring fire, like an extreme intensity of the power of Love lived through the human being, here in this very world, here in this very place, perhaps still inscribed within sufferings that are only illuminated and seen.

No matter where you seem to see and perceive from, all this is only part of the game, allowing the gradual or sudden installation of the great Silence, of which nothing can be said and which is nevertheless lived with more intensity, not only in the human being but in the whole of this world as in the whole of creation.

Silence makes it possible to embrace, silence makes it possible to encounter Evidence beyond any desire, beyond any history, as through any projection or fear.


The intelligence of Light and Love, through not brothers and sisters, but between brothers and sisters, in this humanity, creates this fire, this blaze of Love, which is already beginning to burn in many of you the last habits, the last elements of reluctance, inscribed by suffering, in the past, in history, yours and that of this world.

The resolution is done in silence, beyond any word, beyond any presence, where nothing can be identified as a source or as a person.


This is how the crossing takes place. The crossing of sufferings and wanderings, the crossing of what holds you, the crossing of what restrains you and still violates the law of One and the freedom of Love, as the freedom of form, in order to find yourself beyond any identity, through your humanity, through simplicity, through what life offers you or what life takes you.

Thus, the face-to-face is resolved in a great burst of laughter, sometimes preceded by final sufferings or final resistances that are nothing more than what must be seen, not judged, not stopped, but well loved.

This Agape Love, which knows no history and yet is imprinted within your collective history of this Earth, cannot be compared or measured. No matter how intense, no matter what fires are born in you, they are only fires of joy and bliss. Whatever you think, say or experience it in the moment, there can be no failure, there can be no doubt about the result, which is freedom.

And it is precisely the distance that it seems to you that exists between humanity and eternity, which sometimes can still present itself as suffering or resistance, but which only needs to be crossed, loved and accepted, so that the unacceptable shows you by itself the fatuity and uselessness of any posture as well as from any point of view, as from any resistance.

This is how history surrenders, this is how the past and the future can no longer hinder the presence of the present and its intensity. In the here and now of your presence and absence and through this body of flesh, may it be illuminated from within, giving you to see, accept and live that none of this within the consciousness can represent anything other than a perpetual play between the different aspects of it, leading you nevertheless to the edge of your heart and the edge of joy.

In acceptance, peace is shaped and felt. This peace, prior to or concomitant with joy, which depends on nothing, is the preparation of your celebration, not from one to the other or between one and the other, but through your form in its most dense aspects, in its heaviest aspects. For thus the flesh is informed beyond all forms, for so the Truth unfolds, independently of each and every reason and logic, and of every rule inherent in this world and in every world.

The wholeness and wholeness of who you are beyond being is revealed at every moment and in every circumstance from the moment when the observer becomes the Eternal I, who can no longer interact, but simply cross in happiness all that is presented on the screen of the body as on the screen of your life, as on the screen of the world.

Thus, in this present moment, which encompasses all times, in order to conjugate them with the present, is found in each of us, from the moment you will be gathered in the name of Christ, in the name of free Love. This meeting is a meeting of freedom, a meeting of joy and bliss, from the moment when everything that is seen is crossed and reabsorbed, not by any will, but by the evidence of what is played, by the evidence of what is represented, which leads you, there again in an inexorable and infallible way, to true nudity, to true great Silence, where nothing more of what seemed to hinder or limit you, can come between, if not precisely by burning itself.

Whether in opposition or acceptance, I mean by this that even the embrace and even the feeling of embracing, no longer depends on you or the other, but simply on Love, beyond any person, any history, as well as any future.

Then, the evidence is not in words, the evidence is in silence, the evidence is in that it takes place at the interface of the Being and the person, as well as at the interface of Being and Non-Being. Let what unfolds be, let Life live you. You have no choice but to be free, you have no choice but to accept who you are, whatever it is.

Then, the lightness of joy, the intensity of Agape, will naturally come by itself to resolve what seemed unresolved, and which simply has not been brought back to the present moment, that of eternity.

Whatever is seen, whatever is perceived, whatever the penalties, whatever the difficulties, these elements are not there to repress you, but obviously to make you free. Free of yourselves, free of the other, for True Love is freedom. It is natural and spontaneous. This is the complete and total deployment of Agape.

Whatever your perceptions, feelings, visions, it doesn't change anything. For everything contributes, in some event and some perception, to bringing you, where you have always been, where you have never moved, where you had simply forgotten yourself.

The intelligence of the Light embraces you at every moment and wants you in full. And this will is obviously also the same will as the eternal I who finds himself and comes out of oblivion.

Never forget, as Bidi told you, that you are not the actor, that you are not the observer either. It remains for you to live, for many still, within the Agape, to live that creation, whatever its majesty and beauty, is only something that only passes through. And what you are will never pass, because you are not dependent on any cycle, any time, any scenario, or any world.

Then, you are prepared, by the intelligence of the Light, to install the great individual and then collective Silence, with the greatest ease and gratitude. This is the understanding, which can only be revealed at the instant that is for you the only instant. Not of the Agape celebration, but the moment when you celebrate yourself, in all your components, even the most resistant, even the most painful.

For thus you verify by yourselves and in yourselves what you really are, and that in the end, the whole universe, the whole creation, all its sufferings and all its joys, all the wars in this world, as in the ballet of creation, are nothing more than fun. A fun that is sometimes sinister, sometimes painful, but which, once again, whatever the intensity of this pain, suffering or imbalance, only translates and makes you experience, at the same time, what you really are, in some appearance, as in some questioning.

This evidence appears to everyone and you are never as close to the Truth as the moment you see the apparent distance between what is true and what is just passing through. But it is precisely through what happens, that we find what will never happen.

In other words, you are obliged to complete and finish the game, because there is no other possibility and because you know, whatever you say, that it is true.


As has been repeated countless times, only the mechanisms and habits, this time of intimate functioning, and not in external habits, sometimes suddenly illuminates the last unconscious, or conscious, elements that had not been seen, that had not been crossed.

I remind you that you have nothing to run from, nothing to reject. For as soon as there is in you the feeling, the impression or the desire, even the intuition, somewhere, to find an element, in your life, in your body, in your history, that seems to you salient, painful or suffering, that is the own mechanism of resolution. This is what is shown to you, this is what you are going through.

Again, I remind you that you have nothing to accomplish. It requires no effort, except to accept, to embrace without restriction, some mood, some emotion, some state, with the same grace, thus showing you, in the intimate mechanisms that take place in you, where you are, and not who you are. Because who you are, in the infinite presence and ultimate presence of Non-Being and Being, meeting the person, resolves itself.

You have no means of action, you have no means of reaction, you just have all the possible means of accepting, in order to discover and live by yourself that freedom is just there, and nowhere else.

In this time that you are living, on Earth as in the whole of creation that is pressing in your heavens, the same Truth is being realized, that of this naked Love that depends, as I said, neither on one, nor on the other, but really between what may seem to be one and the other. Because in the end, there is neither one nor the other, because in truth, there is no one.

It is at this moment and only then, that Agape fulfills you beyond all joy, that Agape possesses you, from the moment you grasp that nothing can be possessed, but simply crossed. There is zero time, the time of the Eternal I, the time of Truth, time or no more questions of any kind can lead you into any questioning. Because at that moment, really and concretely, the evidence is lived at every glance, at every breath, where nothing that belongs to the past or to any projection can alter or distort the Truth.

Truth does not depend on a story or a resolution, but simply results from the unveiling of the obvious, the unveiling of beauty, and its entire experience.


And it is when everything arises, in this moment when my words also arise, that Agape and the Truth work together in the same symphony, that of alchemy, between Being, Non-Being and your person. This is done without you, but through you. This is done in every moment, from the moment you accept the blessing of the Instant, under any circumstances whatsoever. Because at that moment, Agape takes all its power and immediately and totally enlightens the Truth that you are, where there is no more discussion, where there is no more questioning, where everything is posed, where you have deposited the weights of illusion, your beliefs and your certainties, as any feeling of belonging still to an individual who has lived this or that.


Then the dance of the great Silence leads you to live that there, in the Eternal I, everything has already been created, that everything has already existed. At that moment, in you, resounds the accomplishment that does not depend on you, source of joy, source of lightness, source of evidence. Where bare Love knows no brake or restraint, where bare Love and Agape become the spontaneity of every instant, of every instant as well as of every circumstance. The moment there is no longer a need for appointments, the moment there is no need for encounters, the moment you discover that perfection has always been there, whatever the games, whatever the suffering, whatever the forms and whatever your thoughts or understandings.

This is the true experience that cannot leave any doubt or uncertainty about what is going through and then installed. There is there Grace of lightness and there is simply the permanent Grace that you are and that you find through this flesh, in all eyes and in all circumstances. Because no glance or circumstance can deceive you anymore and can no longer take you anywhere but where you are.

Thus is solved what it might still seem to you to have to solve, so is Life lived.

At that moment, you will easily notice that silence takes up all space and time, and that even when you speak, in whatever circumstances you have to speak, that silence accompanies words, that Love is carried by words, whatever the meaning of words, whatever the meaning of what is understood and heard, whatever the thought of the one who emits the words. Because it happens independently of words, independently of thoughts, as well as independently of each other, as soon as each of them, or each other, experiences the illusion of creation.

This is not a concept, this cannot be an understanding. This can only be lived. And this is lived. No one will be able to escape it, no one will be able to derive it, no one will be able to question it. Many of you are already experiencing this and realizing it.

Remember that the characteristic of consciousness is play and creation. Remember that the game of consciousness is nothing more than all the elements that present themselves today, whether it is joy, Agape, suffering, pain, resistance, insecurity. Everything, absolutely everything that emanates from your consciousness in terms of thought, energy, action, whether you see it or not, inexorably leads to living Agape. I would even say that today, those of us who refuse Agape, who do not live it, are much closer to this moment and this eternal moment than they think, believe or live it.


Thus, the true Love Light comes to caress you, to envelop you, to cover you. And this is who you are, who comes to cover what you believe you are and reveal it by unmasking it, by consuming it in the fire of joy and bliss.


My words move away from each other, in order to understand that the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the dance is not in the words, but in the interval of the words. Because in the interval between words, silence is revealed, through words.

In truth, every event, every experience, collective, individual, in a certain place on Earth, whether through the action of the elements, or through any conflict, only precipitates the full and complete revelation and experience of Agape. Absolutely everything else will seem so bland and so far from what is true, that you can only see it, that you can only agree, in order to regain true freedom.

Silence .

In the great Silence, the projection and outpouring of the One Light ceases. And it is at that moment that you become aware, by living it, that it can only emanate from yourself. Because you are the world. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life, certainly, but you are also humanity, in its totality, in its crossings, in its conflicts, in its histories, as well as in all of creation.

This is clearly perceived, not by what you call energy or by your person, but it is clearly perceived by the Truth that you are, through this person as through any suffering.


In this place which is everywhere and in this time which is of all times, and which can be summed up inside your body, in the heart of the heart, there can no longer exist the slightest incompleteness or the slightest distance. You are the whole game, the whole theatres, the whole dream, the whole creation, which brings you and leads you to let yourself grow in the evidence of Love.

Then, you simply become, beyond even your breathing of the heart, beyond any perception or feeling, the ineffable. You are the source, you are the worlds, you are the suns, you are the child who is starving, you are Abba, you are conflict as well as sweetness.

All this is included and understood in you. This is how you experience the illusion and discover yourself, by stopping nothing, by refusing nothing, by simply being there, in this silence, perhaps by using your body as an Agape resonator. But even this will be forgotten when Agape's spontaneity flows through you in every glance, in every question, in every event, in every brother, in every mineral, in every plant, in every occurence, in every circumstance, with the same intensity as in the great silences.

This is happening right now. It is up to you to find yourself at this very moment, so as not to put any illusory distance or time that passes and flows between the Truth and you.


In our assembly, in this place, if there is a need in you to say anything, about what is going through you, about what is being experienced, do not hesitate. Not for you, not for me, not for the other, but in honor of Life, in gratitude for Love, and in Agape.


Brother: Gratitude.


(A sister speaks in an unknown language, in tears.)

Let what flows from you flow. This does not require any answer other than the silence of the evidence. This is important, because it is thus, in this space where the answer is silence, that you are free to let what must flow and is only passing through.

For everyone, Abba, here embraces you with the same intensity, without brakes and without limits, and that is how you accept to be free, and that is how you discover your autonomy. You have nothing to curb, whether it is laughter or tears, the effectiveness is the same. Because it is our embrace to each one of us who consumes what flows from you, and that is reparation, and that is restitution.

So dare to be free, because here as in all those who hear at this moment, there is only this embrace, there is only the evidence of Agape. Then enjoy it. The answer is the great Silence, in embracing and receiving what may still seem to you to come from a person, a certain distance, a certain individual, but which in fact is in each of us with the same intensity.

And it is by recognizing this, that the great silence unfolds Agape. So I invite you to continue, I invite you to be free from any contingency as well as any circumstance. Because Agape is obviously as much in laughter as in tears. This is how each pain and each illusion of suffering is dissipated and resolved in the consummation of Love. This is what we are working towards, through the great Silence and embrace, at this very moment.


Sister: Thank you.

And the more the great Silence is there, the more you see that what comes out, what presents itself, is there only to be consumed, to be restored, to be embraced. So, we are one. Thus, we cross worlds. Thus, we cross dimensions. Without stopping and without implementing the game of form and the game of consciousness.

This is how Agape is fully lived.


In each of us, here as everywhere, the same process is taking place, celebrating and accompanying the fusion of ethers, putting an end to distance, putting an end to polarity, putting an end to the illusion of the multiplicity of worlds, forms and consciences.


Let yourself be lightened, by the intensity of the evidence, within the great Silence. As I said, in this timeless time, in this space that occupies all the spaces of creation, you reveal yourself to yourself, smiling or crying, which is only the same joy, which is nothing more than the ultimate emotion of your reunion, where there is no longer anyone, where there is no need for worlds or form, and where everything actually becomes celebration. Celebration of Life, here as everywhere, where the sequence of events within the simulacrum as well as within the sacred, can no longer divert you from the unspeakable Truth, the great void and the great Silence.


Let what is flowing flow, whatever is flowing. That is where it belongs.


So, if nothing else is flowing, the great Silence can take up all the space. Then, the great Silence can be revealed with increasing ease. Then, Agape becomes spontaneous and will no longer need, soon, to be put in resonance, because Agape will become the natural, the spontaneous, the evidence of Love, whatever the circumstances of your bodies, the circumstances of this world.

For it depends on none of this, neither on you, nor on the other, nor on any form, nor on any world, and yet nourishing each world like everyone else, having allowed it to express its life and its particularities, which was only a role play, allowing it to see itself and love itself.


So, beloved of the One, beloved Abbas, in this silence, Agape is there.


And in the Agape that is there, is there still any question or questioning, from the moment you embrace the whole of Agape, from the moment you are Agape, through any history, any person, as well as any element or circumstance of your lives.


Beloved Abbas, beloved brothers in humanity, you who receive the gift of Life, because you have given yourself.

(A sister lets the flow flow.)

May peace, Agape, and happiness be present. And that is.

I greet Abba, I greet Agape.

For ever.


Through Jean Luc Ayoun

Les Transformations

Transcription from French: Equipo Agape.

English translation: revised by LMF