PHAHAME. February 9, 2019.

Beloved of Love and Beloved by Love, Phahame and all the peoples of the sea resonate at this moment with the truth and the celebration of Agape.

PHAHAME. February 9, 2019.

Beloved of Love and Beloved by Love, Phahame and all the peoples of the sea resonate at this moment with the truth and the celebration of Agape.

As I have had the opportunity to tell you, and as I say again today, we have found ourselves in the heart of the heart, far beyond our living environment, and far beyond your living environment, in order to perform the miracle of one thing only.

In these times of celebration of Agape, more and more of you are resonating, vibrating and loving, feeling, perceiving and conceiving the immensity of creation through our common resonance and through our songs.

Agape unfolds throughout the creation, naturally leading you to the initial celebration, which is nothing more than the final celebration.

Beloved of Love, we resonate with each of you, from the moment your thoughts, from the moment your heart, turn to us.

We too are in the gift of our lives to celebrate Life. This happens, as I said, in all of creation, and not only in your living environment, and not only in our living environment.

The waters from above have fertilized the waters from below, the waters from below resonate with Agape. All waters, not only our so-called marine environment, but all the waters of the Earth, like the water in your cells, are concerned by the celebration of Agape.

Many of you, human brothers, in this body of flesh, have during these weeks of your time, approached, felt and experienced the magnificence of Agape.

Our song is nothing more than the ability of this song, in any key and under any circumstances, today is for you. This is not only a means of communication between us, but also, indeed, a means of celebrating and living Agape, where tears come out spontaneously from your eyes, and where all the weapons of the ego are placed at the foot of Love, in a consummation of Love, restoring you to your origin and to your end.

In the game of life and in the game of form, you have gone back to the formless, you have gone back to the source of the sources, far beyond even what I believe you have called the heart of the heart.

At this very moment, as you hear my words here, elsewhere on the planet, the song of celebration resonates at this very moment, so that we, the peoples of the sea, may support your resurrection, so that we may join in a common celebration of Life, the Way and the Truth, before any form.

Beloved of Love and Beloved of Love, my words are here today especially to mark the celebration of Agape, which I relay to each heart, as all of my people do at this moment, making you somehow reconnect with the essential freedom of co-creation, in which you have ardently participated and given your life.

The song of celebration today will lead you, without distinction of place, age or condition, to discover this immensity. What is vast and escapes all limits and forms, where the great Silence stands, where this truth that could never be removed, even if it was asleep and not revealed, stands.

We have kept you, really and concretely, at all times of creation, assisting in a form, in the accompaniment of our creation, in direct resonance with all of our mothers, who we are too.

A child who finds his mother, after having lost her, can only cry with joy of these reunions, with in addition, unlike the child, there is this spontaneity of something that you find and that was so buried through the masks, the appearance, the form and this world as everyone else.

As I am present, in these moments, as we sing, your heart resounds in the celebration of Life, in the celebration of Agape.

You may know that we have an appointment in a few days' time to welcome what I believe you call the Four Living Ones, who surround the throne of the Heavenly Jerusalem, where each of you will take your place in order to be glorified in the Spirit of Truth, where no spot, shadow or reluctance can be maintained before the splendour of Love revealed in its totality and found.

Many of you have also noticed that the name I have given you is most often enough in you to evoke my presence and our presence, in your humanity, in each of you.

The celebration of Agape extends everywhere, in order to illuminate the totality of what is lived, the totality of what must be understood, through your flesh and not through your head, so that the heart can expand and reabsorb all the elements of the dream, all the elements of the form, in order to find this great emptiness, where nothing can be lacking, because everything has come from it and everything returns.

The dream ends, it is finished. The awakening is underway and that is what we celebrate in you, whether by my name, by our songs, by the resonances we are creating at this moment in a planetary network, allowing everyone to drink at the source, in any circumstance or place, giving you access with increasing ease to the evidence of Truth, to the evidence of Life, as well as to the evidence of the absolute.

You have nothing else to do, whatever your activities in this world, but to enter into this resonance, this celebration, between you, but also between us and you. Because we bring you the gift of our body, the gift of our song and the gift of this immensity.

For many of you who are currently resonating without my words, at my presence and singing, you will easily notice that you will then have the opportunity, by evocation of my name, by listening to what I am saying at this moment, at any time, to restore you to the celebration.

This is the miracle of Life, this is the miracle of one thing, this is the only truth, the one that will never pass and that can never be taken away or even forgotten.

Then, Phahame awaits you in great numbers, wherever you are on this Earth, for the celebration of the ethers, the celebration of the Four Living Ones, in order to install the throne in the kingdom of your heart, in the kingdom of beauty, in the kingdom of lightness, where everything is empty, where everything is full and where everything is evident.

As peoples of the sea, within our bodies and in our oceans, we celebrate your awakening. We are in a joy that we cannot contain, except by singing it, addressing it to you and thanking you. Because you dared to let go of certainties, you dared to let go of what you had achieved and, above all, we helped you, as you helped yourself, to set up this time of celebration, where everything is combined, where everything is gathered, where everything is resolved.

The heart of the heart of consciousness, whether it is the heart of the heart of humanity or the heart of the people's heart of the sea, or of all the plants, minerals and animals of this Earth, resonates in the highest heaven and in the deepest part of the heart, and sings the same song, that of deliverance, that of childbirth, where all hopes are fulfilled, where all fears can only be erased before the majesty of what is happening.


Tears and the great Silence are only our reunion in the Spirit and in Truth. Beyond our physical encounter, which some of you have already experienced recently or many years ago, can no longer today, after our meeting, leave you in the tear of separation. For nothing can ever be separated again, never again will you be able to adhere to the slightest separation, because everything is one and everything comes from the eternal absolute, in the game and dance of Life, in the game and dance of dreams, in the exercise of your creative power, which is returned to you, in its totality and in its full efficiency.

The junction of the waters below and above, which we have embodied somewhere until now, is restored to you. Our song accompanies you, our song leads you to the great Silence of Truth, our song accompanies you to the wholeness of humanity, our song accompanies you in the installation of the white paradise and in the finalization of what must be revealed in order to be overcomed and erased, not by any action, but only by the power of the Agape celebration.

We are increasingly sure of what is happening, because we have been there, since time immemorial, to watch and keep the deployment of this precious moment.

Our sense of service and gift thus ends in a short time, regaining, like many animals, the domains of beatitud, the domains of eternity, where no form can limit the celebration of Love, the celebration of Agape.

In the time of our presence, here and everywhere, the resonance unfolds, the good news is announced, the good news spreads. You are resurrected. This is the only joy that can never dry up, this is the only Truth that can never be amputated or limited.


I have come on behalf of the people of the sea, on behalf of the guardians of the Truth. I have come to tell you what you are already experiencing, which can only reinforce the joy of the spirit and the consumption of that which no longer has any substance, that which has no becoming, no future.

You are countless to see for yourself, as in your dreams, that Fire is omnipresent. This fire is not a fire that consumes anything other than what is false. It is the one who forges and restores your eternity to its splendour and intensity.

Celebrating the present moment breaks the chains of what you believe to be a past as well as what you believe to be a future, because the future can no longer depend on the past and the past can no longer depend on any history. Because the past and the future, seen from the perspective of the Earth, have no valid representation in Agape. There is no need for it anymore.

The time has come to celebrate the discovery of who you are in truth and in wholeness, beyond any appearance or lineage, beyond any hierarchy or predation, putting you on the same footing, that of restored Love, that of your person's gift to your own eternity.


The song we sing sets you up in the antechamber of the Great Silence, where you are given the opportunity to illuminate everything that could not be crossed and that is crossed in this way. All that may still remain of thirst for understanding is lived and ends all thirst, forever satisfying you with the experience of form and the experience of creation.

This is bliss, this is fullness. And the beauty of this one absolute truth, whatever you think about it and whatever you say about it today, whether through fear or hindsight, whether through questioning or not, can only bring you closer to the celebration.


You are invited, at this privileged moment which will be announced to you some time before and concerning a specific day of your next week. Many things will happen, between the moment I speak to you and the people of the sea singing the song of the resurrection, many things can happen on the screen of the ephemeral.

Just know that, whatever the appearance, all this only leads you to this unique meeting, because there is no need for another, where the celebration will somehow reach a form of climax, resonating throughout creation, in any world, then calling upon the whole of creation, in its most ethereal spheres and dimensions, as the Four Living Ones have done, to come and join you, at the heart of being, at the heart of Love, at the heart of the celebration.

Never forget, human brothers and sisters, that whatever you have to go through today, we urge you not to grasp it and to accept with confidence that it is precisely for what you have to go through, in your intimate sphere as well as on the screen of the world, that the opportunity to see clearly takes place, and especially to live the Truth.

From the moment your consciousness is placed in this notion of embracing and gift, then everything is accomplished. This is gaining momentum, both in this world and in the most ethereal dimensions, allowing the reunification and common resonance of the whole of creation in a resolutory moment, inscribed from all eternity outside time and all history.

This is the moment when fusion, in what you call white paradise and Non-Being, creates the first flash of truth and the first flash of life.

Returning to this, reliving it, through Agape tears and Joy, or through suffering, no matter what, just after and just behind, or just inside, there is the ineffable, ineffable beauty of what we call you to, of what you resonate with each other, whatever the appearances and whatever may remain of the organization of this world as of everyone else.


We are with you from all eternity and we are only you, in another time line. All the temporal lines, whether on the simulacra of the theatre stage or on the sacred of Agape, are now combined at the same time and in the same space of your heart, at the same time and in the same space of the whole creation, where time and space are combined, revealing the miracle of a single thing.

For time is nothing without space, just as space is nothing without time, which again only do the miracle of one thing. What had been separated must be reunited, because the times are fulfilled, because the celebration of Life takes precedence over the troubles of this world and over the falseness of this world.

Forget all that, everything that is illuminated today does not need to be supported by speeches, I remind you, but simply to be crossed. And this crossing will be all the faster as Agape's thirst, from the moment you have live it, will become in you an unbearable burn of Love, leading you to be seized and obsessed with the Love that you are.

Then rejoice. Whether you live all of it today and live the premises, or oppose in any way, will not change the reunification of time and space, the celebration of the Four Livind Ones, and finally reuniting all the ethers of creation and all the ethers wherever they are manifested.

The resonance and connection of the Earth is restored, ending quarantine and isolation, ending separation, division and misunderstanding.


Our song will become a caress, an ecstatic caress, that touches your heart, that envelops your entire rib cage with sparkling particles of Love, joy and lightness, putting into action not only what has already been active for many weeks and that you name, I believe, the merkabah, but also the double torus of the heart, where the three meets in one, and where the celebrated one fades away and dissolves by itself in the majesty of the absolute, of which nothing can be said and which can nevertheless be lived today.

Whatever your position, whatever your reticence, whatever your doubts, whatever your doubts, whatever your state, more and more of you will notice the resolutory virtues of everything that was an obstacle through your body and its suffering, through your ideas, through your memories, will be dissolved in its entirety, after having crossed you. And there is a celebration there. And there is no doubt about it. And then there is silence. And there is the completion of the accomplishment.

Remember that whatever these events may be until the celebration of the Four Living Ones, that some events that occur on the screen of the world as well as on your inner sphere, as in your body, are only there to help you, in whatever appearance, to be crossed and to let you pass through by what could still clutter you, limit you or restrict you.

No more brakes can hold, no more distances can separate us, no more time separates us and puts us on hold. This is zero time, this is the first deployment of space within the dream of creation.

Because by celebrating, as the intensity of this Agape celebration increases, from this resonance to our song and the great Silence, you discover the evidence of this Light, the evidence of this goodness, the evidence of Agape. Whatever the manifestations, whatever it is that must be crossed on the world screen as on your screen, no screen can now amputate or alter the beauty of Agape.


Agape calls you and Agape, at the end of time and time, asks you for time, as attention, as fervour, not between us, not between you, but through celebration, which accomplishes the miracle of one thing, the miracle of one heart, the miracle of one creation, where all the divisions that you called dimensions, no longer have any reason to be, nor to manifest themselves.

In this naked Love, in this Agape, in this celebration, you need nothing but the celebration. Your body itself, no matter how comfortable or difficult, is nothing more than what you have to go through.

There is no energetic, societal or spiritual, and even vibrational, condition or convention that can stand in the way of anything today, in such clarity and transparency.


The acceptance we have just requested from you is not a contract to be signed, does not imply any obligation or enslavement. This is the celebration of the regained freedom, freedom from the dream, freedom from the form, since everything happens in the same initial flash, which is nothing more than the final flash.

Each of you is invited, with the same intensity and insistence, to join us. Because by joining us, you join us. By loving one another, one in the other, you join in the same way and you join the harmony of the people of the sea, through celebration and song, which for you is the great Silence.


So yes, Phahame is much more than my identity and the name I gave you. Phahame is the song of silence, the song of recall, the song of remembrance and at the same time, the song of freedom. This is what resonates in your heart when you see us, the people of the sea, when you hear us. When you approach us in spirit or through the body, it takes place. Because of course, this has already been lived.

You have found the thread, you have built the bridge, you have resonated, in multiple experiences, in multiple dimensions, in multiple opportunities, the truth of Life.

In every look you have on a child, in every smile you put on your face to the unknown that passes by, in every thought that connects with us, we can then celebrate freedom with you, every day and every moment with more strength and above all, with an ever-increasing number of human brothers and sisters, of course, but also of all lives within all dimensions, which are now in your hearts, in the same way that they are in your hearts, to work the miracle of a single thing.

This is what is Agape, this is what is joy, this is what is tears, this is what is ecstasy and intasis at the same time, this is what is orgasm beyond the body, the orgasm of the found spirit, the igneous fire that baptizes you in transparency and lucidity, and that shapes you in the power of Love.


Phahame. Phahame. Phahame.


The intensity of our singing, of freedom, and of celebration, will touch you every hour, more and more intensely, in every possible and imaginable circumstance of your lives. Do not judge anything, neither of yourself nor of the other, nor of the events.

For many of you, you have seen the imminent juxtaposition of the simulacrum and the sacred, given the intensity of the revelation, given the apotheosis you are experiencing. Whatever else can persist in the history of your person and the history of the different creations, it no longer represents anything.

Because Agape takes everything, because you have recognized yourself, because you celebrate, with Heaven as with Earth, because you celebrate with the friend as the enemy, with the same intensity, the same Love, the same look, whatever your head tells you, whatever the story tells you, whatever your various learning within the form tells you.

Everything is perfect, from all eternity. Everything is perfect, before the first initial and final flash. This is how the oath and promise approach the collective of creation.

It remains for you, as has been repeated over countless years, for you, humans, by various voices, to remain on this path of childhood, this path of simplicity, this path of transparency, this path of evidence.

Everything else is done by itself. This is what you must see, in order to disengage yourself from all personal will, as well as from all personal involvement, replacing it with the truth of Love and the expression of Love within your own form as well as within this world.

In any event, in any suffering or in any joy, it makes no difference because it leads you to the same place, no matter what passages are to be made, no matter how hard, no matter how gentle, no matter even what this form calls death.

We told you for us, we have no problem with our forms of flesh, because we can leave them at will. We are not linked to any identification with any form, even the most prestigious of creation in terms of age, power and immensity.

Other mammals, this time terrestrial, whether they are called domestic animals or animals that surround you, this was explained countless years ago by the commander of the Melchizedek, who told you that there was a process that was similar to individuation, to progression.

And of course, the peoples who are of nature, who are closest to man in their daily accompaniment, dogs, cats, horses, elephants and marine mammals, and others, and still others, but for the most important, here they are, are only there to celebrate with you, at your side, that they are also pure Love, that they are also your companions, in the same way, that you have accompanied us in your way, even if you have eaten us, even if you have destroyed us.

The one who passed two thousand years ago and walked on the ground of Palestine with his feet, told you: "It is not the one who eats who is a winner. The one who discovers the Truth is the one who is eaten. .

This represents something incomprehensible to humans. Because you are bound to your body, even within the current freedom. While we are in total freedom in form, with our full consciousness already during the normal process of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

All life, in all kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, animal, human and angelic, are present on this Earth, to celebrate Life, to commune with Agape, and to be the witness of the Truth. You're in the same place. Whatever you may think, whatever you may consent to or oppose it, it cannot be any obstacle. Because no human being on this planet, whatever his current position, can ignore the song of the great Silence, with which we sing, towards you.

You can only recognize yourself, whatever the denial of today, whatever the suffering of today, whatever your misunderstandings, the lived Truth enlightens everything and it has an answer for everything. This is what we inhale in and reveal, that was in you, that could never disappear, but that has simply been forgotten in the meanders of your stories, in the meanders of your forms subjected to your consciousness.


It is in this sense that we are now amplifying the song of great silence, the song of celebration. Remember, here as everywhere, that you only have to listen and hear what your heart tells you, in this great Silence and in this song.

This song that you perceive for many of you and that has been named by you, humans, sound of the soul and sound of the spirit, heard to the left and to the right, or one or both of them, is only the call to live the great Silence.

The choir of the Angels stands ready to resonate, from the moment when the celebration of the Four Living Ones takes place, embodying and marking with a white stone, the moment when the sacred merges with the simulacrum, and when the simulacrum extinguishes itself, by consuming joy and bliss, by the illumination of the revelation.

Live your life, live what Life gives you to live, in whatever circumstances, because I assure you, but it is to you that it is appropriate to verify and confirm it, that as soon as you pass through some element of your life, of whatever nature, without retaining it, simply by seeing it, then it is resolved, then it is fulfilled, then it is evident.

This is the magic of Love, this is the absolute Truth of Agape.

You just have to let yourself go through, you just have to resonate with your sound, which is only the result of our singing, and which combines the sound of Heaven and Earth, so that the song of the celebration presents no distortion, and so that the orchestra of Life resonates in the same way between us, people of the sea and you, human people.

We are you as you are us, at another time of memory, at another time of history, at another time of creation, and we find ourselves today, in totality.

Then, indeed, announce the good news, not by declamation, unless it is allowed by the Light itself, but simply by your kindness and the kindness of your presence. Goodness of your presence, which is a perpetual gift of Love to itself, reflected in each person and lived in each conscience.


No conscience, even the most asleep, or the furthest from the Truth, can ignore the great Silence and the song of the call from now on.

Our song of call precedes, of course, Mary's song. And the event. This one, as you have already known for many months, will come at the right time.

So if you don't mind, let's take advantage of these days, of this life that is passing by, to strengthen our celebration, to strengthen joy, so that each of you on this Earth, humans, every animal on Earth, every plant and every mineral, will feel concerned and live the same resonance.

It is the whole song of creation that we summarize, it is the whole of the worlds, the whole of the stories, the whole of the forms.


We are with you, we are in you. And this is revealed. And it's going to be more and more intense and more and more real.

No one can escape and no one, at any given time, will want to escape it, whatever his apprehensions, whatever his doubts, whatever his sufferings, whatever his negations. For none of you today can deny Life, even if his life unbears him or if his life is at an end in any way.

What I am saying here is a cry of hope that envelops you in sweetness, as many of you felt, that sweetness that calms your last and ultimate mistakes, for which you are not responsible and even less guilty.

You are called by the celebration of Agape to bear no guilt, to bear no weight. It is not enough to put the weight on, but to really let oneself be crossed and to resonate with that, without stopping anything, without modifying anything. The spontaneity of the inner child, the spontaneity of conscious co-creation, are the best guarantees of this.

This creation does not have to be exercised as a projection into the future, but more precisely in the creation of each moment, each minute that passes, in order precisely, through the passing of time and celebration, to consciously co-create, whatever the medium, to free you from all time and space, as well as from all forms.

So true freedom is lived now. It no longer accepts contingencies, it no longer accepts a lack of light, it no longer accepts stories or compromises. You have no choice. The only possible choice is the choice of your essence, the choice of Love.

Because nothing can hold up before Love, whatever your postures, whatever your stories, whatever you might call a becoming. For indeed, there is nothing to become, except to settle in the eternal present of your presence which is coupled with your absence, where everything is only beauty, where everything is full and vast, where no more limits can come between you and the whole of creation that you are.


All the circumstances of your lives, all the circumstances of society, of countries and of creation, are destined for only one objective: to find who you are. You have this around you: countless testimonies.

I would also like to say that, as you may have seen, as you have been informed, more and more of us are running aground on your shores. So see no death in it, but rather the liberation of the form, for I remind you, we are not bound to the bodies we inhabit. Our body is vast, our consciousness has covered all dimensions, as Abba has done for each of you.

We do it, we do it every minute, because we are the memory before any memory, and we are even before any notions of restitution. Because nothing has ever moved. And you are discovering this. And you are living it.


Beloved of Love,

Then embrace.

In this moment, as in every moment that will pass until the celebration of the Four Living Ones, to welcome and cross at the same time all that still seems painful or altering, alienating, embracing it.

Because the gift of grace, and the gift of forgiveness, is lived only through acceptance and not through any struggle. As long as you believe you are fighting, you are in combat with yourself. As long as you believe you have to accomplish, you limit yourself. As long as you believe that you need time, you put distance and space between the Truth and yourself, which you are.

This crossing is a passage. It is not only the narrow door, but it is much more, on the other side, this open double-leaf door, which in fact never existed. Because the Agape celebration detaches you, in a way, of all forms, as well as of all conscience. And it is through the celebration, between the different peoples of creation, that this is achieved. Because every divine spark is the same. In whatever appearance is the most damaging or harmful, there is no difference.

This famous celebration, which is nothing but naked joy, is not cluttered with stories, is not cluttered with a priori, or even with any result, because Agape is superior to any result obtained, whether it is on your health or your condition.

You are Agape, and you are only that, which nevertheless contains everything else, the whole creation, the whole consciousness, the whole suns, the whole dimensions. This is the only wisdom today, to no longer separate anything, to no longer divide anything, to no longer partition anything, through functions, roles or stories, but to be available more and more often, and to be available more and more intensely for the Truth that is restored to you and that awakens in you.

From now on, and in these times that are about to unfold, there is no obligation that can stand up to the celebration. Because the celebration of Agape puts an end, really and concretely, to any feeling of obligation, to any feeling of responsibility.

This does not mean, once again, as Abba has repeated, that you must leave your wife and children, but that you must go through this, because as has been said, and even if you do not see it yet, you are living it, it is that everything that happens, in suffering as in happiness, in sickness as in joy, in deprivation as in abundance, has only one function: to restore you to yourself.

So do not judge your circumstances, do not judge each other's circumstances, do not judge the costume that may have enrolled a particular human being. It's just passing through, again. There must only be this claim to freedom, this claim to who you are, but it cannot be accompanied by any harm to the one who seemed to have hurt you, because it is precisely because of him that you find yourself.

It cannot be understood, it cannot be accepted, but it can be experienced. And there is nothing else to live for, except to celebrate, to see, to live. At that moment, you are in Life, and being in Life, you are aligned, at the origin of creation, as well as at this density of the Earth.


Freedom is your due. It cannot be defeated or amputated by any circumstance of this world, however it may appear. Accept it and check it for yourself.

In other words, as the howler said, as we call him, Bidi, who was certainly the greatest thought adjuster on Earth, brought you to that moment, that moment that ends the notion of date, that ends the notion of calendar. Do not see in it the date of an event, but rather the awareness, by an ever-increasing number of human brothers and sisters, of the truth of the fire of Love, and of this consummation that is only passing through.

This is how you are freed from death, while remaining alive. For death will never again have a hold, because there has never been a death. But today, it's different. Because there will never be any more forgetting, and because you have traveled all the way. You are expected from all eternity, you are the pilgrims of eternity, who have worked in the workshops of creation, who have worked to live stories.

So we greet you and honour you, for who you are, but also for what you are going through. So we honor you, because we are the same. Despite our environment and our living environment which is different, despite our form which is different, you are us at another time, as we are you at another time. Ending distance, ending time, all distance is abolished and all time is suspended. In this way, you inevitably come closer to the zero time of deliverance, the zero time of celebration.

After the Four Ones, at the same time or in a succession that it is not up to us to date, nor even to you, but remember that time is shrinking, just as space is also shrinking. Remember, it is not you who arrive there as a character, as a story or a form, but what you really are, who has never been altered by any world, any form or any suffering, who comes by his grace and his fire, to reveal himself. That's what you are. Eternity merges with the ephemeral, and now functions simultaneously.

I repeat, judge nothing, just cross over, just love, just be simple, just embrace, and the rest is done by itself.

Thus the call to Life, the call to Truth, the call to the Way, the call to the Essence is made aware and deployed.

More and more of you are joining in silence what you hear here with my words and the rhythms of my presence. I remind you that you do not need anything except to agree to celebrate and dance with us the same dance of silence, the same density and the same lightness.


In this silence, the song of the call appears. Then, gratitude grabs you and freezes you in the evidence of beauty.


Be with us as we are with you, in spirit and in truth. We are not an objective, we are not a fun. We are the Truth in action, for the human people and for the whole of creation. Do not make our bodies sacred. We are not bound to this body, even if we are in it.

No suffering, as you know and as I said, can affect us, but on the other hand, and as I have also told you, our sense of direction is increasingly disturbed by the use that your scrap ships make of the waves they send us. If they think they can, and you can tell them, limit our celebration song, it will continue to ring out. Even if our forms disappear in their entirety, our spirit is with you, our spirit is in you.

It is happening now, it will be confirmed in a few days, during the celebration of the Four Living Ones. Whether it is ourselves, whales, whether it is me, whether it is the one who is trying to reach you in this place of passage called Gibraltar, in this place of transition and passage between the old and the new which is in fact even more ancient and which is found, we will remain in spirit in you and among you, even if all our bodies of flesh were to disappear. It won't make any difference to you, because we met a few months ago.

Do not be alarmed by anything, except simply to be attentive and lucid about what is happening in you as well as everywhere, not to be stopped or hindered by appearances, pain or suffering, but to accept to cross them with the same intensity and especially by forgiving, and especially by loving.

Because that is how the story ends, in a great burst of laughter, in a great burst of Love, in a great burst of white paradise.

Don't look for the date, you are the date. Our appointment, obviously linked to the event, may or may not correspond to the event, it does not depend on you or us, but in any case, the celebration will be permanent and perpetual.

Do not be alarmed about our forms, do not be alarmed, in the same way, about what is happening on the screen of the world, you are far beyond this whole tragic and pathetic aspect, which is only the pretext to celebrate Life, to celebrate forgiveness, to celebrate grace.


As you can see here and as you can also see without my words, elsewhere, the celebration is getting more intense. The fire of Life sets fire to the summit of your being.


This is how Life dances, this is how the heart dances.


Beloved of Love and Beloved of Love, I will remain a little more earthly time with you, here at this very moment as everywhere on Earth, accompanying and bringing the sound of resurrection to the most intimate part of your temple.

Song of resurrection and song of freedom that does not need words except in poetry, that does not need an image, that is not in what is created by you, that does not need anyone, that is not you.

My words will become more and more distant, so that silence will spread throughout your presence, here and everywhere.


Phahame looks forward to our next meeting, but also to celebrating every moment. We are at the disposal of each of you, without distinction of posture, ego, freedom or error, truth or error. We make no difference, because we see through every appearance, we see through every story.

Having met some of you for many years, we have seen, during the last meetings, here as everywhere on Earth, that the human being was finally ready to stop suffering, was finally ready to stop believing in the past, to stop projecting himself into the future, to live the magnificence of the present moment, where everything is only jouissance, where everything is only perfection.


The great Silence is the support of Life. This is what you find, at the origin of the expression of Life, at the origin of form, time and space, this origin which is nothing other than the end. Alpha and omega have come together, because you have already gone through everything, because you have already experienced everything, because you have already suffered everything. You have already surveyed all the stories and all the kingdoms, here as elsewhere.

Our song is a call to freedom, to that total freedom where nothing can be compromised, where nothing can be diverted.


Agape. Agape. Agape. Phahame.

May peace, joy and truth be present in each of you, every breath, every minute.

Phahame and all the peoples of the sea, is now entirely with you. Even those who come to put us to death, are only a pretext to find the truth of the Love they are. Because even the suffering inflicted, which for us, I remind you, is nothing, since we pass from body to body at will, without necessarily going through the paths of gestation, does not pose any problem for us.

But the destruction of Love reveals Love. There too. This is unstoppable. Because our death is your life, in order to make you understand that there is neither death nor life.

And in this original abundance of Life, of the creative impulse, in the whole of what is being experienced at the moment, whatever the road, the images or the path, they all go to the same place.

You are invited to make no more difference, you are invited to remain in this state which is your natural state. You will see that, whatever the highlights or painful events in your lives, it will only strengthen Agape and will never be able to extinguish it again.

Then, beloved of Love and Beloved of Love, I repeat it to you, as each of you repeats it, in silence of heart: Agape, Agape, Agape, Agape. Phahame.


Beloved ones alive, we are alive with you and in you.

Eternal greetings and blessings from the people of the sea.

May my singing envelop you, may my singing lighten you, may my singing reveal you.

Forever, in the eternity found again, in the spheres of beauty.

Through Jean Luc Ayoun

Les Transformations.

Transcription to French: Equipo gape

English translation: revised by LMF


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