SATSANG. With Jean-Luc Ayoun. January 19, 2019. Testimonials, Questions & Answers.

Good. So, we're going to start this satsang until 6:00. It's open, that is, you ask for what you want, the weather... So the goal is to exchange, of course, quite simply.

SATSANG. With Jean-Luc Ayoun. January 19, 2019. Testimonials, Questions Answers.

Well, then everyone will settle in quietly.

Good. If there's one of them who wants to keep me company, or two, they can.

A sister: We don't appear on the video?

No, no, no, no. Go ahead, no, no, no, you don't appear, it's just me, unless you put your head like that towards me.

Hello friends, hello Brigitte, hello Claudie, hello Jacqueline. Hello everyone, there are too many of them.


Good. So, we're going to start this satsang until 6:00. It's open, that is, you ask for what you want, the weather... So the goal is to exchange, of course, quite simply.

Well, don't forget that when you have something to say... Yes, you can come of course.

Brother: Not to talk, to sit down, may I?

To sit down, yes, not to talk, since we're not going to repeat, that is, as soon as there's a question, you come and ask it there, and then I'll answer, okay?

Good. And embrace. Everyone is settling in quietly. Well, everyone's here, by the way.

Good. Come on, who's starting the debates? You have to come here, a first request or a first... whatever you want, huh, you can. It's not just questions, it can also be testimonies,... whatever you want. Come on. Come on.

Sister: I would just like to know if, with yesterday, there were any changes on the ionosphere and on the



Yes, yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Moreover, by the way, apparently the Schumann resonance, we've been receiving mega missiles there for an hour or two, and that was indeed the case yesterday, of course, during the meeting with the dolphins. You will find more and more of each other, even if you are alone in your corner, that you have the same possibility, without trying to act on the ionosphere or on Schumann.

From the moment you enter Agape, even if it is not in the Agape resonances that we have implemented with the technique without technique that you practiced, from the moment one of us, wherever he is on this Earth, puts himself in Agape, obviously, there are effects. It's a perfect illustration of what they said, you know, when a butterfly's wing breaks it's the whole universe that shakes. Now it is an objective reality.

Since the celebration of the ether we did yesterday, it is something that will become more and more clear to you. Even if it seems completely unlikely to you, we are right in the middle of what is called quantum. Not the Song of Songs, the physical quantum, (laughs), of physics, that is to say that there is really this Agape resonance, as we have called it, this Agape without anyone, which is settling in, which we have discussed, which will manifest itself in an increasingly spontaneous way.

So that's part of the inevitability of what's going to happen, of course. And besides, many brothers and sisters feel it without even knowing where it comes from, suddenly they feel either a vibration, a special state of consciousness that is linked to this deployment of Agape. And, until now, as I said, I repeat, we functioned in Agape, first by the absorption of the essences, then by the resonance of the heart of one to the heart of the other, this encounter is between the two, and what is between the two, that is to say the Intelligence of Light, obviously, it is available via the Christic matrix for everyone.

That is to say, the more you are going to be in Agape, even without knowing what it is, even if you feel nothing, the translation you know it, is laughter, joy, smile, whatever the issues, the more you will have an action, independent of yourself, but simply by your presence and your absence together, on the whole universe. As Fa me said this morning, not only in the surrounding environment, you experienced this last night, for example.

And I repeat what I said, because they didn't have the opportunity to hear it, it didn't have the opportunity to be recorded, it's that until now, Agape was done from heart to heart, between one individual and another individual, even if it crossed the individual, now Agape, indeed, does itself for more and more brothers and sisters.

And brothers and sisters open up, they are not supposed to know that you have done an exercise with whales or an exercise between you of Agape, with the technique without technique, that you have received and that you have practiced. And you will see this more and more clearly. In other words, everything that we call the things that were exceptional, miracles, telepathy, synchronicity, which I even call ultra-synchronicity, will happen more and more easily.

So, you don't need to know where it comes from, who it is, why, how, but it makes available to humanity this zero time information called the ultimate acausal field of physics, the black hole, the torus, well, you can take equivalents with lots of words, but it's something that is actually developing, spreading more and more.

As Fa me said this morning, the fusion of the ether, the celebration and fusion of the ethers that has been carried out, and for some time now, but in an increasingly clear way, will effectively allow this availability of Agape independently of your individual, we can say if you want, in the same way that we have been covered, invested, or doubled somewhere by our body of eternity, in the same way, Agape is unfolding and it is, as I said many months ago, inevitable, and it is ongoing, it is ongoing.

And brothers and sisters open up, they are not supposed to know that you have done an exercise with whales or an exercise between you of Agape, with the technique without technique, that you have received and that you have practiced. And you will see this more and more clearly. In other words, everything that we call the things that were exceptional, miracles, telepathy, synchronicity, which I even call ultra-synchronicity, will happen more and more easily.

So, you don't need to know where it comes from, who it is, why, how, but it makes available to humanity this zero time information called the ultimate acausal field of physics, the black hole, the torus, well, you can take equivalents with lots of words, but it's something that is actually developing, spreading more and more.

As Fa me said this morning, the fusion of the ether, the celebration and fusion of the ethers that has been carried out, and for some time now, but in an increasingly clear way, will effectively allow this availability of Agape independently of your individual, we can say if you want, in the same way that we have been covered, invested, or doubled somewhere by our body of eternity, in the same way, Agape is unfolding and it is, as I said many months ago, inevitable, and it is ongoing, it is ongoing.

That is to say, from now on, every minute, every day, we can only progress in intensity and revelation, both in terms of the simulacrum, you can see what is happening from all over the world on the revelations, it is even surprising. Of course there is a conspiracy but universal, for the establishment of this Agape, whether through the movements of the planets, well you know, there is the eclipse of the moon, the only one until 2022, the 21, the planets that have become what we call direct in their apparent movements, that we see from here, all this is a conspiracy of Love that will put an end to the conspiracy of the shadow, quite simply. That's what you're observing.

That's why I've always said that the simulacrum and the sacred are only the two sides of the same coin, and that all this belongs to creation anyway, and is therefore a passing dream. And, zero time or "the event" as we have called it, of course, it has already begun since the access to this Agape and this absorption of essences, since the end of the primary anomaly, now it is something that emerges, as we feel it in the body. I was talking about it earlier with Brigitte, we're talking about vibrations, but in the end, if you look closely, it's no longer a vibrational phenomenon, it's simply matter, bones, all your cells that are no longer vibrating, but shaking, straight away.

So the fusion of the ethers, as Fa me said, in this image, is the water from above that is mixed with the water from below. That is exactly the message Brigitte received in December, what I asked to republish is exactly what happened. And this is what is happening now on a scale that is no longer just for a few people who are interested in this, or who feel or perceive energies, but all, absolutely all the situations experienced individually, wherever on this Earth, whatever the manifestation, ultimately lead to only one thing, it is Agap.

I said it this morning, I say it again, after Fa me I told you that finally, Abba, we don't even need it anymore, neither you nor me. All we need is Agape because that is what we are, regardless of creation and regardless of the dream of creation.

We are all this Love, so obviously it is not a gratuitous affirmation because, for years, we have been repeating ourselves "we are Love, we are Love, we are Love, we are Love", now it is effective, that is to say it is immediate. And this will naturally lead, without you thinking about it, to a repositioning, I would say, of your presence, which will be in this spontaneous reception of Agape, but also in Agape's spontaneous gift, regardless of your will and I would even say, of the circumstances.

It was checked yesterday when we had the celebration of ethers on the water. You ask the question in relation to the ionosphere and the Schumann resonance, yes, of course. We are in direct contact, through the Christic matrix and the Intelligence of Light, with a notion of unity and also a notion of transfiguration which, in general, precedes the resurrection, but the resurrection now occurs at the same time as the sacrifice and at the same time as the transfiguration. This transfiguration is the moment when we are really in this state.

The best marker today is not to feel the energies. Because you have brothers and sisters who feel the energies, who feel the vibrations, really, but they don't live Agape yet. You know very well that when you are in Agape, because there are more and more of you there, that there can be no questions. Agape is only an answer, to everything that may arise. And it is independent of us, independent of will, independent of meditation, independent of concentration.

Once again, what was the exception is now becoming normal. If you look, even without mentioning the so-called spiritual, esoteric or other environments until now, you can see well in all countries, and in France, we have the example with yellow vests, when you listen to these people talk, but obviously that they talk about Love. Why? Why? Because they reject any form of enslavement, even without knowing what it is.

And you will see it more and more. It will be increasingly difficult for both of you to endure the slightest form of enslavement, whether family, emotional or societal. And there's nothing you can do about it. Even if you still want to be subject to external authority because it is societal or family convenience, you will find that you can no longer let yourself be stepped on, it is no longer even stepping on your feet.

That is to say, unconsciously, whatever the way it is formulated, even through violence, which is the case in some [...] for example [...] France, the yellow jackets, behind there is something else. There is this thirst, not for justice, but for truth. Not the truth of this world, but of absolute truth, even if people cannot formulate, even if they do not feel the vibrations, the chakras and everything that many of us know and live, well, as they themselves say, there will never, ever, ever be a turn back possible.

There can be no status quo, i.e. the global transformation, and initially the societal transformation, the time it takes until the event, will go to its end, but not only in France. Because the notion of ancestry over the other, whether it is even an ancestry or a so-called noble power, for example maternal and paternal authority, can no longer be maintained.

We don't have to tell people "Oh yes, you're in Agape", because you say that to a yellow vest, he won't understand. On the other hand, the thirst for freedom and the demand for freedom is not even a financial demand, even if people no longer have enough food or shelter, it is a thirst for freedom that is expressed. So, it is not always expressed in Love, but it is linked to Agape.

That's why we were told to go through the violence, to go through everything that's going to be seen, that's why Omraam told us for years, you'll see, the worse it gets, the more joy you'll feel. It is not a morbid satisfaction to see something being destroyed, it is simply the truth that is behind it that emerges, even if people cannot formulate it, even if they cannot really make it aware through what we are experiencing, that is, these vibrations, these energies, well, they express the same thing. They express it within the simulacrum, but even this simulacrum today leads to the sacred.

And I have always said, I said it this morning, I repeat it, that is to say that the conjunction of the simulacrum and the sacred, since it is an altered and inverted mirror image, leads to the disappearance of the mirror. Not only in the Van Allen belt, as we did with the primary anomaly, but in every living being on this planet. In fact, Fa me explained it to me this morning too, in relation to, if only in the second spring, that is, plants no longer have to be subjected to normal biological cycles of some kind.

We live it, for many, not everyone, but those who live it, well, they know that there is something different, we talked about it, it's in terms of needs. Whether it is the need for food, physical or subtle, there is a form of independence and at the same time of connection within freedom, where one does not need psychic powers or paranormal gifts to experience this and feel it within our most simple humanity.

From that moment on, even if you are in reaction, if we always take the example of yellow vests, it doesn't matter. Because, as all people everywhere in the spiritual worlds say, in the social movements, they all say the same thing. Even if it is awkward, the finality can only be the same, the end of all confinement and the end of all domination, whether by the Archons, or even, I would say, by the intergalactic confederation of the free worlds.

Of course, we needed great masters in the past, Christ, Buddha, well what you want, today we need no one. And everything will push us in life, in every possible way, to see the reality of this enslavement. Not only on a spiritual level, through predation, but in the daily acts of life. That is to say, all the relationships we had were conditioned by social role, family role, societal role, habits, decorum, good thinking. None of this makes any sense anymore.

As we can all see, in a field that is unique to us all, whether it is financial, family or relational, this thirst for freedom can never, ever be extinguished. And you've seen it for several months now, it's only growing, no matter what the apparent price you pay. It proves well that the apocalypse and apotheosis, you have it before your eyes, not only in the inner experience, in the Agape we do, but wherever you look.

So, do not be overwhelmed by images, even terrible ones, you must cross them, that is, accept to see, without judging, without condemning, simply, as we have said, embrace. And moreover, you are innumerable, here as everywhere, to note that when you embrace the unacceptable, all this is transformed, not by your will, but really by the Intelligence of the Light. You see her at work in nature, everywhere.

So, even if it has a little bit of a violent side, we will say, especially in social movements, even the most aberrant violence, inevitably leads you to discover who you are, beyond being. There's no way you can escape that. Because even if you oppose yourself, as I said earlier, then you have the ego or even the Self, that is, spiritual pride, which is not truth, which will bring about fire by friction, since the Intelligence of the Light is there.

Remember, in previous years, we used to talk about calls to order, there were fractures, there were accidents, there were many things that happened when the body of eternity arrived. Now what I am telling you is that Agape is no longer only in the heart-to-heart resonance or in the practice without practice, that you have done, or in intentions, but manifests itself in an increasingly spontaneous way. And it's inevitable.

So, once again, in relation to any misunderstanding whatsoever, in your personal life, in what is happening in your country, in relations between people, it does not matter, because inevitably, there can only be one result, that is Agape.

As I said earlier, at the limit, we are all Abba, but even forget Abba. We're Agape, period. But Agape is like the body of eternity, it is in the ether. The celebration of the ether yesterday, as Fa me said, is to have merged Heaven and Earth, that is, the waters from above and the waters from below. From there, it is inevitable.

The phenomenon we call in chemistry catalysis, where you don't act, a catalyst is something that is present, that doesn't change and that transforms the whole balance of the system. We are all catalysts, not of change, but of resurrection.

I said it, I repeat it again, for example in the history of Christ, it is still an example, even if it is not something to adhere to as a religion, but to live. It's exactly the same thing. That is, the simple fact of living Agape, even if you are not smiling or laughing all the time, of course, is enough to trigger, through your presence and absence, the alchemical process. It's a chemical reaction in the true sense of the word.

This chemical reaction, by the way, well, I'm not going to talk about that, but it's quite obvious, you know, that we have in our body, the happiness hormone, which is called oxytocin. It has been shown that when we hug each other and kiss or pay attention to each other, by touching, looking, welcoming, we increase oxytocin inside the body and increase dopamine, which means that you are immersed in a bath of Love. And the worst thing is that even if you are in rebellion, in relation to creation, in relation to what Abba may have said or what the speakers may have said, well, even this rebellion or this force that you are opposing, it transforms itself by Agape.

So we're not the acting agents now. We did it, that is, the absorption of essences, the heart-to-heart resonance, the Agape resonance, but now it is done automatically.

And every day, every hour, individually as well as socially, family and group, do not let yourself be deceived by circumstances that can sometimes be unpleasant, because just behind them, it is only Agape's work that illuminates everything, absolutely everything. Not to make us feel guilty, not to seek responsibility, but to grasp and understand in the sense of understanding beyond the mind, that truly and concretely, even here in this world, everything is Love. Not as a cause, but precisely beyond the causes.

And that of course, when you live Agape, even if it is not yet constant, even if you are forced to do these practices without practice, or to put your hands as has been said to live this, there will come a time when you will be Christ. That is to say, you will walk in the street, and many have noticed it, when going shopping, people smile, they don't know why. That is, there is no longer... all the conventions of fear, propriety and good thinking, are no longer of any interest.

When you are natural, you recognize yourself in the other, in whatever circumstances, and this, once again, whatever the apparent price to pay in relation to what is fashionable in Western societies, that is, what is called security. But what security? Emotional security? Financial security? No, the security of Love does not need any other security. It's the only thing that's permanent.

And the more experiences you have that show you this in every possible way, the more you will actually, through Agape's lighting, consume literally everything that might seem misunderstood to you, everything that might still seem difficult to you.

So, yes, it's not marketing, but to tell you that Agape is the answer to everything, it's obvious. Anyway, I can't sell it to you...


I can't sell it to you, I can't sell you what you already are, it seems so obvious to me.


And from the moment it's quantum, if you can say, from the moment we're enough, as you said Yannick, on a comment, you've seen what we've done here to a little over a dozen. The only pitfall, what I also said, I repeat, in an official way, is that there is no question of creating a egregore. So we let things happen on their own. Because there is a risk. That is to say, if I decide or if you decide, for example, to make a call, come on, we all put ourselves in Agape, you risk, despite everything, recreating a egregoregore. So it has to be done spontaneously, from one person to another.

Of course, we have understood it, we are largely helped by the water people, cetaceans, we are helped by plants, which bloom again in the middle of winter, which are part of the prophecies, moreover, for those who are interested in this, and all this, we have it before our eyes and in our hearts. That's what I was also explaining, it went from this kind of distance to a total coincidence. Everything becomes coincidence, not just a sign, everything adjusts itself.

And the more you accept this principle, even if you have to act, as I said, it is you who drive, as a person, your car, but the more you accept it as a fundamental principle and that you verify it, the more you will do yourself a service, but above all you will be in service, not to humanity, but in service to Love, which makes no difference between this world and all the other dimensions, between the good and the evil, between thieves and the good.

Because in the end, what is that, the good... the good, the bully and the mobster, it is the infernal triad in which we have all played since the beginning of time within the confinement: the executioner, the victim and the rescuer. But we are all, all of us, all of us have been, both the victim, the executioner and the rescuer. We came out of this infernal triad, the infernal triad of duality, which has been replaced by the triangle of the new Eucharist, that is, the reunification of the Trinity into Unity. The Son is born.

So, we no longer even need Abba, we no longer even need Mary, we no longer need the historical Christ, since we are Christ, all without exception. We are the body of Christ, in its entirety. But here, I am not talking about history, I am talking about Christ as a KI-RIS-TI, that is, the burning son of the sun.

Remember, it's not an acquisition, it's a restitution. It has nothing to do with consciousness, even if it is expressed of course through our body and through consciousness, since it predates creation, and all the brothers and sisters who have lived it, can no longer be fooled by spiritual laws, whatever they may be, or even by energy laws.

You become independent of the circuits, which you have experienced, for those who feel the energy, the chakras, all the vibrational circuits, which are there, of course, you can't deny them when you feel it, but you are no longer carried away by it. You remain in this lucidity of the present moment, you are fully present to yourself, at the same time as you are, in a way, absent in your person, and absent from the Self. And now you're real.

It is this thirst for truth, even if it is poorly expressed, this thirst for freedom. As I said, freedom is no longer only external, no longer only internal, but it is also reflected in your life, whatever your position. And you will notice for yourself that even if there are still logical concerns about the obligations, as they say, of the person, of society or of this world, you will be able to deal with them less and less. Because you will clearly perceive that your freedom, your state of being and non-being, is much more important than all the games in this world, all the role plays.

And when it happens, what do you do? Well, you're free to go. That doesn't mean you're going to stay in your corner waiting for something to happen, but you're going to the opposite, like the one who's being told he's going to die, you're going to enjoy it, you're going to free all the obstacles. You know very well that when you announce death to someone, there were the five stages of the shock, not of humanity, but of the shock of the person, as described by Elisabeth Kbler-Ross, which are more or less the same as those described by Shri Aurobindo at the level of the shock of humanity, but this happens independently of you.

And there is such a restitution of this Agape that even if you don't understand it or express it in a violent way, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Because you will really find yourself and allow everyone to find themselves. That is, you are, we are all, the actualizers of the oath and the promise. And not necessarily in so-called spiritual circles or at meetings here. It can happen when smiling at a child on the street, it can happen when passing in front of the cashier at the supermarket, in the same way.

I have also experienced it in the same way with people who are not in a so-called search for spiritual truth, but simply people who have social disputes in France, in yellow vests, in fact, they express a dispute, but what appears through the speeches is above all this thirst for freedom, and this thirst for truth. You can't cut through that one. Even among those of us who may have been used to some forms of compromise, because there were some compromises in life, you will find that it is no longer possible at all, and that there is no price to pay, even if it seems enormous to you.

If you accept that, whatever happens to you in your life, but you are free instantly. And again, don't see an ego problem, don't see a karma problem, don't see a positioning problem, but just the game of installing Agape, that's all. And everything will be, at that moment, an opportunity and a pretext to let this Agape blossom in every glance you take, in every relationship you establish, at whatever level.

Of course, the few practices you have done there, which we can't give like that on video because we have to practice it, that we are together to do it, place you spontaneously. But you will notice very quickly, it may be in a week, in a month, I have no idea, that you won't even have to put your hands as I said, it will do itself. Not your hands, but what's related to that, will be done without the gesture or movement. You won't even have to think about it anymore, it'll be there independently of you.

And not just between brothers and sisters, in the wild. You saw yesterday the communion we had with the eagles or vultures, the seven eagles, with the dolphins, since the whale was blocked by sonar, but it will be the same with anything. Because you are present to yourself, because naturally, without effort, the predominance of the here and now, the present moment, the present moment, provides an inner state that cannot be affected, even by what you are experiencing.

This is not a decoupling. Sometimes you may feel like you don't understand why you are light, when everything is terrible. Moreover, even those who are in Agape, manage to laugh even at problems, it does not mean that we are crazy, it does not mean that we are completely out of control, but on the contrary, that we are fully present.

And the more you are in the present moment, whatever you do, whatever it is that does itself, the more likely you are to be more and more free internally and externally. And if this is implemented naturally, you can only make him aware, you can only see it, and then it will get stronger, inevitably. There is no other possibility, no other.

Who wants to continue?

There are not only questions, do not forget also and I repeat here again, that even if you have things to say about what you are experiencing or what you think without questioning me, you are as much the actors of the satsang as I am, there is no master or student, we are all at the same level. So, don't hesitate to tell yourself, don't also hesitate to say, because it's not for you that you say it, it's for Agape.

So, Muriel.

Brigitte, do you have a written question? Well, wait, I let Muriel speak, and then you write it to me, your question, but not right away, you will write it to me when I ask you.

Go ahead, Muriel.

Muriel: Well, there are two things, well, I'm living now, especially since yesterday. There is this kind of internal bombardment that dissolves what remains to be dissolved and... today, above all, this kind of seizure... It's very difficult to express, actually.

Yes, there are no words... Well, you have to find words, though. (Laughs) We want to sing it, write it, draw it like Joe does.

Continued: That's it, yes, it's... it grabs and it carries and... and everything else, but, it doesn't matter, what. There's this... this infinite gratitude... Yeah, so it's taking my throat right now, too, that's all. (Laughs) [...] This infinite gratitude of Love that reveals itself to itself, what, and that gives itself and... then it's a word, Love, but it's... it's without words, in fact.


It's just beautiful.

And it can take any form. Well, as an artist, you must have also noticed that your creative spontaneity is magnified. Because there is no longer "what the other person will think", that is, you become totally spontaneous. And by the way, the more spontaneous you are, the less you take into account social conventions, communication conventions, relationships, the more you are yourself.

Muriel: Yes, that's right, I really feel like... becoming natural again, maybe...


It was... Of course, we feel the energies, so we know where it is happening, sometimes it is there, sometimes you feel a jouissance that goes up there, but even those who feel nothing are able to perceive it in consciousness, even without energies, even without vibrations. And the more it is going to be... the more we will have the chance to see the days pass, the more it will be magnified, the more important it will become.

...] workshops where people, for example in October, where people sang spontaneously, where people... You can't curb life, you can't freeze it. This is what we express through evidence, through dance. I have other videos to put on, I didn't have time to put them on, on the dolphin dance yesterday, which was a synchronized dance. We have other videos that I'll put next, where we really see this synchronized dolphin dance.

We, too, are doing synchronized dancing. This synchronized dance is not a body dance, it is the round, I would say, of consciousness. This round of consciousness creates a form of resolutory unification of consciousness into the one consciousness, prior, in what has been called the law of one, not to return to unity, it is already underway, it is what we live there, our own unity as the unity of[...], but also plants, fauna, flora as Fa me said, peoples of nature, which allows us to live this.

And it's going to get stronger and stronger. That is, this need for freedom and this need to express, even if it is not with words, and art for that is remarkable, whatever the form of expression. That is to say, you do not make plans, you do not make plans on the comet, you express the present moment. And you all know that when you give free rein to your creativity, whatever form it takes, you feel good, whatever your situation, whatever the state of your body. And it's so, indeed, contagious and so much more and more evident. Who can resist Love?

Because as soon as you are true with yourself, as long as there are no prevarications, pretences, lies, social, family or behavioural conventions, well your behaviour is free. That's why habits have been broken, at all levels. Even me first. The habits we had for four years, where we were, they were broken, to be available, not to hurt you, not to put obstacles in your way, on the contrary.

And everything that happens in your life, even if the first look is a look of doubt, fear or misunderstanding, the experience of your life leads you to understand that what is important is not to understand, and that you can not understand it until you have lived it. This is the difference between a brother and a sister who is installed in Agape, with evidence, even if it is not constant, and the one who is still looking.

Because the one who no longer seeks is content to live. Because he knows that living, not his life, but Life, is freedom.

We no longer ask ourselves questions about the future, about tomorrow, about dimensions or worlds... Of course, we look at what's happening on Earth, we're not fooled. Of course we see what happens in our lives, when we suffer, when we have relationship problems. But Agape allows us to magnify all this by crossing it, but really by transfiguring it. Here I am not talking about transfiguring the person, but I am talking about transfiguring everything that can appear on the screen of consciousness.

And everyone expresses it in their own way. If it's art, it's lighter, if it's violence, obviously it's more hateful, but whether it's art or violence, it only leads to that. We are obliged to note this. And all this is happening in an increasingly evident way.

Again, again, I say it again, you know so far... [...], that's over. It is over, there can be no turning back in any way, individually, collectively or in the whole of creation.

I had already stated it since May and June, but now it is a reality. It is really lived, with increasing ease. When you accept that... You have to dare to accept, you have to dare to welcome. I'm not saying it's always easy, you know, when you have an event, in your body or in your life, that's terrible, well of course, it's going to lead us to no longer be in action-reaction, but in what I call pro-action.

To embrace the other is to embrace even his violence, his anger, and you will see that there is nothing more disarming than embracing. In embracing, you can't refuse anything. Love cannot refuse anything, it crosses everything because it remains intact. And in this world, it grows day by day. It is not linked to our person, it is not linked to our action, it is not linked to any will, it is, as I said, automatic and spontaneous.

If you accept this automatism, this spontaneity of this Agape, you will find that you will go through everything that can happen without any problem. And moreover, by crossing now, as Agape is present everywhere, as the body of eternity was present in all the brothers and sisters of the Earth, well at that moment, as soon as you really let go, "drop the matter", as they say, Agape takes charge of everything. On condition that you do not ask, because if you ask, it is not possible.

That's why in the Agape resonances you made last night, there was no question of wanting to heal, it was a question of making a heart resonate in front of another heart. But this heart-to-heart resonance does not simply benefit what I said, the transmitter, the receiver, because we realize that there is neither transmitter nor receiver, that there is only what is in between. And that's what creates, even if you have trouble putting words into it... So we're going to translate it into music, we're going to translate it into energy perception, we're going to try to put words into it anyway, because we need to communicate...

But look, for example, here we have two sisters who come from Portugal, who do not speak French, did it bother anything to live what was to be lived? Well, no, it was even, as I said, something much more rewarding. Because since we don't understand words, we can only embrace what comes out and see what it does to us. That is, we have shunted the mind, we have shunted the brain, what I called or what Douglas Harding called headless vision. And this headless vision is not a vision of a person or listening to a word, it is what happens in your intimacy that is the intimacy of the other that is expressed.

Of course, we didn't need to understand all of Sandra's and Luisa's words, we lived them in us. And they too, likewise, do not understand our words, and yet they live it. You see that it is not a story of shaping expression, but it is really, not a communication, but a communion in Christ, in Agape. That is what is happening. It is the concretization, as I said, of the new Eucharist, that is, the new trinity, that brings us back to the one, and that brings us back to the zero, that is, to the zero time.

And absolutely everything conspires, in creation, not to hide, but to reveal. It is a conspiracy of truth, which opposes the conspiracy of confinement. That is why the simulacrum joins the sacred, they are only the two sides of the same side of the creation. Agape Love is prior to creation, is prior to any form, to any world.

And when you go through that, well, actually, you don't really want to... imagine a karma or... On the other hand, it does not prevent us from living, quite the contrary. And on the contrary, to live even more, to really enjoy life even more. It's not about money, I told you, it's about time. To have time, to be time, to transcend time.

Of course, there are privileged atmospheres. It is obvious that here, we are still more cozy, we will say, that being on the street with yellow vests is more pleasant to be with dolphins and whales than in the street to demonstrate. But it is the same efficiency, it is exactly the same, despite the violence, despite the clashes.

As the saying goes, in all social movements today, it is over, there will never, ever, ever be a return to the past. That is why they asked us to get rid of our habits, not just our personal habits, but our collective habits, what we call insurance, social insurance, life insurance. But life doesn't need to be insured, come on. It is society that needs to be reassured, not us.

And in the end, there is no society that can stand before Agape. Because society, you know, like finance, is based on what? On trust. But this trust, it is disguised every time, how can you trust what is wrong and what is happening? We are replacing this pseudo trust in the societal, family and emotional fabric with a trust in Agape. And trust in Agape cannot be accompanied by any compromise or deviation. It is not because we would make mistakes, it is because it is simply impossible.

We do not decide, it is like that and it changes life, because at that moment you can express, every minute, what was called conscious co-creation, the sacred feminine, the sacred masculine, without any ulterior motives, with no other idea than to settle in the present moment. And we all know it, for those who make either pottery, or music, or drawings, or even a video game, a real one, you are immersed. When you are immersed in what you do or think you are doing, whatever it looks like, you are real. Because you do not depend on circumstances, you do not depend on money, you depend only on the time you give it, and the space you give it.

This is what is happening at the level of humanity, at the level of creation, and which you will see more and more easily, everywhere, in all eyes, in all inner states, and especially for us humans, in all the human resonances that we establish. Who doesn't take age into account, who doesn't take into account a physical appearance, a style of clothing, who doesn't take into account a religion or an affiliation with anything.

That is to say, even the relationship, and we all live it here, and we live it in all environments, even the yellow vests that are in the roundabout, they realize that there is a real fraternity. But not a fraternity in the sense of freedom, equality, fraternity. Even if they cannot express it, they realize that we are all connected by Love, by freedom.

So, yes, the predation is over, there are only leftovers, our own societal habits, our own family habits, the rules that have been imposed on us both by the taking of form, that is, the incarnation and not only in this world, in all the worlds I speak.

What we are saying here as human beings is not only about human beings. It concerns angels, archangels, principalities, dominions, all hierarchies. We don't care about these hierarchies, we no longer need hierarchies, neither in this world nor from above. This is the end of the simulacra, even of spirituality and consciousness. And that could only be achieved on Earth.

So I'm not talking about the elders and the stars, but I'm talking about the archangels, for example. We are the masters on board. Masters does not mean to direct and control, because we are the masters on board what, of Agape, and Agape is not encumbered by any hierarchy, any superiority, even prestigious beings, Triangles, even Mary, we do not have to be subjected to anything. I'm not advocating anarchy, in the societal sense...


It won't be anarchy, we'll have to find... we won't find any other words yet, we'll stop with the words, but it's a priori the same principle. Neither god nor master, since I am my master and I am my god. I am all that. And when you are your master, when you are Agape, what idea can come from subjugating or controlling anyone?

Be Agape, even in so-called family, emotional, conflictual relationships, indeed, take people in your arms, look at them. You do not need words, you do not need justifications, you need to be totally spontaneous, and the more spontaneous you are, that is, without thinking, even if you have the impression that it seems eccentric to you, you will see that the Intelligence of the Light, it will be there and you will understand that it is the intelligence of the Light, because you are living it. I said it, as Anal said, you can't understand it, you can only live it. Understanding is self-understanding.

It is not an intellectual understanding. Nisargadatta, Bidi, said so. It's about understanding. But understanding cannot be mental or deductive. It is simply the evidence of Life, which manifests itself. And you can only notice, from that moment on, that whatever the difficulties that exist in your life, in your body, in your relationships, Agape takes everything. And that the more you accept this, the easier it will be for you to see that everything is being done to get you to this, even in things that you reject or that seem intolerable or unjustified or abnormal to you.

There is nothing wrong, it has been said, everything is in its right place, even you. To allow you to live Agape. Because this life is the summary, not only of all lives on this Earth, but of all forms, since we are all forms without exception. From there, you want to oppose what, when you recognize yourself in everything? You can't oppose who you are.

That's what's natural and spontaneous. And that's the only freedom. And as I said, this freedom is no longer only internal, but it is becoming more and more external, in the very manifestation. Because you know very well, when you live Agape, that all problems, like all spiritual or conscious alibis, no longer hold. And it creates a sense of freedom. And it is in this freedom that you grant yourself, that freedom is lived, for the other, since there is neither one nor the other.

And that what we are discovering, as I have said several times these days, is that beyond Abba, which is even before creation or beyond even the geneticist mothers, and the most prestigious Mary, I will be polite, go to hell, we don't need that.


We saw you. We saw you. And we met. We thank you for the help, we thank you for having led us to this freedom and in turn, we will free you from the form, from this notion of evolution that means nothing. Love is perfect before creation. What is this spiritual delirium about wanting to solve karma or wanting to solve anything? Of course, before, it was not possible, but today it is possible. We massively reject authority, unwittingly or not, because we cannot be autonomous if there is any authority at all.

So I see from here the parents telling me, yes, but the children, we have to educate them. No, no, be Agape, be what you are, and you will see that you will not need authority. Even with the most turbulent child, even with the most acrimonious grandfather, if you embrace him, but first you have to embrace him, you can't have proof before.

It is like the black hole, or the moment when some people start to feel that they are disappearing into this great void, and when, regardless of your state of consciousness, there are the body's reflexes that intervene and grab you. We all experience that, at times, again. It doesn't matter, it's part of the learning process. We are indeed learning freedom, that is, no longer depending on a form, a world, a dimension, an authority, an external light or any other world.

The spiritual alibi for evolution, as I said, is a huge scam today. It wasn't before, because we didn't have a chance to see what was behind it. But today, it's evident. And besides, for those of you who agree to let go of all these models, even all these vibrations that you have experienced, it doesn't mean that we deny them, they are there, but you go through all this and you discover lightness.

Of course, you don't have to be impatient, you have all your time, even if there is only one day left. Because as I said, you are the masters of time, all of you, without exception. This is what I expressed on behalf of Abba when I said "I give the conductor's baton to everyone". Everyone plays their part. He does not play it by will or by technique, but by learning from experience.

And when you are in this learning experience, you accept. It is really fundamental, this acceptance, to accept the unacceptable. But you can only laugh once you have crossed over. And at that moment, you are available for everyone, you are available for your children, for your parents, you are available for life, you are even available for the tax collector, it is no longer a problem.


And besides, that's what I mean, I always come back to yellow jackets because, well, I come from France, even if I'm no longer there, but it's obvious that these people, they have a thirst for Love, a thirst for freedom, so it's not a fight even if it takes the appearance of a fight, it's an inner claim. Of course, it is not expressed in lightness for the moment, but it will lead to lightness. That is what is happening.

Ha, Elisa, then, wait. We're going to... It's long enough to go almost to Elisa, look, hop, yes. There's still a little... there you go. We can't go any further.

Elisa: Yes, so...

Elisa, let's hear it.

Elisa: Well, listen, yesterday, by chance, in relation to everything you said, that there is everything that is being revealed to us...

Didn't I hear you? In relation to what I said...

Continued: In relation to what you started saying, that everything was coming out, the whole truth is coming out in terms of manipulation and all that. Precisely, yesterday, by chance, I listened to a... Well, the revelation, for example, that we're not alone, that there are aliens, that there are other worlds and all that.

There was someone who was just saying, I don't know, it was someone who knew the truth, but who was saying: we couldn't inform people about all this, that there are aliens, because they would have gone mad, they would have fought, they would no longer have worked, they would have... they would have burned down the stores, they would have told themselves, the world would have gone mad, that's why we had to keep a secret. This is what he said as an excuse for not having revealed, let us say, many truths that are still hidden from most humans.

I talk to people who know about it, and they don't imagine everything that's really there, we're really in a total lie. So, I just wanted to know, what do you think? In relation to what this gentleman was saying, that the world will go crazy if he knew the truth, who we are and what has been hidden and hidden from us.

The revelation is not over, as you know, in relation to what I would say is happening in the world, whether it is the revelation of illuminatis, of archons, of predation by governments, and this has already been the case... since the beginning, in fact. That's it, it can't hold up anymore, it's intolerable. But don't worry about the revelation.

If the revelation were crude, for example if we had denounced pedosatanism, as it is appearing, in all religions and everything, two or three years ago, it would have ended up in the blood, but really. Now it won't end up in the blood. Once the element of surprise is over, even if we are not yet totally in Agape, the damping will be done by Agape which is present everywhere, it is the fusion of the ethers.

And as we said, everything is clear. And everything will be illuminated, both inside and outside, in an increasingly raw way. But, except of course the organic portals which have no history, but all those brothers and sisters who have been adepts of this total inversion through pedosatanism, enlightenment, Satanism, but they are also our brothers and sisters. There is no alternative but to love them. Because by loving them, we heal them. It is not by reacting against them, even if today there is a kind of confrontation.

But since Agape is there, it doesn't matter, the more it reveals itself and the more violent it seems, it means that more and more Light is there, quite simply. So there are always the two sides of the room, on one side the simulacrum, on the other side the sacred. The two must meet, as I have always said, that is, it is zero time, the event, and that is collective. For the moment, it has been individual, for an ever-increasing number of brothers and sisters, but we are in the process of joining this collective.

I take the societal example of yellow vests, as you have seen, it is in more than twenty-two countries. Even if it's awkward, it doesn't matter. Do not see the h