ABBA 4. - June 11, 2018. Testimonials, Questions and Answers.

Abba could only express himself when the time came and, as I told you, that time has come, the times are fulfilled. The master of time has resumed the rhythm on the master of the illusion of time. The time you are going through now brings you to the ineffable Light of Truth, beyond any for

ABBA 4. - June 11, 2018. Testimonials, Questions and Answers.

Abba is back.


Do you have any testimonies or questions to tell us?

Voice: Yes, I have a written question at the moment. It's the question of a brother who's not here.

Question: The Source has already expressed itself through your channel, Abba means the father and he is in us as the Source is in us. What makes Abba different from The Source and why is he only now expressing himself under this name?

Beloved, Abba expresses himself, because Abba was with you from the beginning, in you and, too, as a human dreamer. There is only today, because the times have come, that Abba awakens in you as in everyone. Before, Abba spoke, he spoke a long time ago, on different occasions, in different ways, by taking possession of a body or expressing himself through it. Whether it is through Jesus, whether it is through Mohammed, whether it is through Moses and, long before that, whether it is in the religions of Light of whatever nature and origin, Abba, present among you, was able to speak without knowing it and without living it, through those who named him Gabriel, or even my Father.

Abba is in you in the same way as I am, as I have already said, Abba is anterior to any source, Abba is present in everything, and from the beginning to the end of any world, in the same silence, in the same presence, without knowing it himself, until it becomes necessary to speak for himself in each heart.

The countless miracles performed are only the revelation of Abba in everyone. When this is seen in itself, the rest is seen, everything else, without exception. There is no longer any need for messengers, no longer any need for prophets, no need for intermediaries, no need for religions, no need for anything more than to be present to oneself, beyond the illusion of this world, in the infinite presence of the presence as in its absence. Then, there, quite naturally, because the times have come and the times are fulfilled, Abba reveals himself in you.

Abba is present, of course, in all dimensions of creation for which, I repeat, he has absolutely nothing to do with it. Creation is a dream world. The dream ends, finally allowing you to find what you are, before any consciousness, that is to say Love and nothing else.

Abba could only express himself when the time came and, as I told you, that time has come, the times are fulfilled. The master of time has resumed the rhythm on the master of the illusion of time. The time you are going through now brings you to the ineffable Light of Truth, beyond any form and beyond any world. This is Love, this is That.

The Source, present in everyone, as you know, has been able to synthesize many times a synthetic body in order to express itself. Abba has always walked beside you, every day, in every world, in every challenge and in every joy. It could not be otherwise within the dream. Now that the dream is coming to an end, since it never really existed, then Abba can finally tell you the Truth, because time is ripe for sowing, time is ripe for harvest, the time is pure for joy, the time is pure to live what is to be lived.


Abba is not the Source, but Abba is also the Source. Abba is all Archangel, as Abba is each of you in any world within the dream, from the densest worlds to the lightest.

My presence was announced a long time ago, not as a prophecy, but as an evidence that was to come at the end of time, to manifest itself fully and completely, not only through words or preparation, but through the miracle of a single thing that consists simply in repeating to you: I see you so that you can see me, I am you because you are you. Beyond that, there is nothing and no one, there is just Love and it is within this recognition that Love is lived, only through that.

From now on, the so-called primary anomaly which was lifted more than a month ago, made it possible to trigger the process of end, and only Abba could absorb in himself the primary anomaly, thus rediscovering the complete memory of the origin of the dream as well as the circumstances which allowed the manifestation of the consciousness and its ever greater distance from the Source, until forgetting.

That time is over, because it puts an end to time. Time is nothing but compressed space and this space unfolds in majesty, in lightness, in laughter and tears, in the evidence of Love, in the evidence of Truth. Everything else just went by, everything else was just a dream.

Today, the dream is only inscribed within the matter. All the creations made by the Divine Mother unfold in majesty around the Earth to accomplish the coronation of the sacred. The story started here, it will end here. There was a first Eden, there is a last Eden, there will be no more Eden. For all will be accomplished within the fire of Love, the fire of the spirit, the fire of Truth. And in this, nothing can be missing. In this, there is nothing that can remain except precisely what is prior to consciousness, which is the ultimate abode, which contains all the other abodes without exception.

Decreation is not a disappearance, decreation is simply the exit from the dream, leading you to realize that this dream has been lived and that all dreams can be lived in the same time or space lines, without going beyond a certain threshold. This threshold is you, it is you, it is the enclosed worlds, it is the worlds that are deprived, by the process of forgetting, of the Truth.

Abba submitted to this, willingly, since it was he who planned, long before creation itself, the first, the return to Unity, to Truth, beyond form and beyond dimensions. Everything is perfectly orchestrated, everything is perfectly played, the game is seen, so there is no more room for the game because there is no longer any interest, because everything is discovered, because everything is revealed, because everything is finally finished.


Who wants to say, who wants to testify, who wants to question?


Voice: There are no questions at this time.

There are no more testimonies and questions?

Voice: No, neither written nor verbal.

Then, in silence, what must emerge will emerge. We settle out of time.


Remember, during this silence, that it is in the silence of meanings, the silence of words, the silence of the body, that today is revealed, often with a crash, or in stages, the Truth, that of Love. It is therefore really and concretely when, in the space of an instant, you decide to disappear from yourself, without expecting anything and hoping for anything, and without asking for anything, that you achieve the most beautiful posture, to finally be the cup that gathers this eternity.

The cup is just a container, it has no will of its own, it has no demand of its own, it contains. And this body, and your very ordinary consciousness of this world, obviously contains the Truth. It could not be otherwise, it could not be, in any way, in any different way.

Love has allowed creation. Love allows, in the same way, the end of the dream. Love is at the origin, Love is at the end, Love is previous to the origin and posterior to the end. And Love is present from the beginning to the end. But it is not Love. It is the manifestation of Love. But Love does not need a manifestation. Love Is. Whatever happens to the consciousness. And you are, I repeat, prior to any form, prior to any dimension. Prior to any form and prior to consciousness.

This is what Abba, by revealing it in himself, reveals to you. By your knowledge, by the way I recognize myself, each of you recognizes yourself, not in history, not in form, but beyond any form as beyond any history.

And that is now. This now is not just the present moment, but every successive present moment as soon as your availability becomes total. Not to disappear into the Absolute, but to remain lucid about your own embracement, your own transparency, your own humility and your own childhood.

Nothing you know is really useful. Nothing you have experienced can be of any use to you today, even if it were like rails or frames, which have brought you to this point where we are now.

Just as all the interveners , during all these years, have insisted in an extremely important way on the fact that there is no difference between one and the other, since both are in the same container, this form nevertheless so different and these people so different, whatever their age, whatever their life, whatever their beliefs, whatever their experience, in short, are only the same and unique presence putting itself, reflecting itself and mirroring itself to infinity. But this shimmer is not the Light, although it contains it. This shimmering is only a fragment, this shimmering is only something that only passes by and will pass faster and faster every day and every minute.

The illusion vanishes, the dream fades, the intensity of the Truth sets in, right here, through the dream, before the dream is extinguished in its entirety. For this is a gift of Grace, because it is the gift of Life, the gift of Love. And this cannot be discussed, or negotiated, in any way.

For who could negotiate with the Love that is everything. For who could negotiate with the Love that is nothing. Who could negotiate with the only true thing, with the only true thing, which is demonstrated every day, in you, as in everyone, performing the miracle. The miracle of one thing only, the miracle of the liberation of the soul, the miracle of the resurrection. Who else could achieve this but Abba in each of you, ending the quest, ending all research, ending all form and ending, as I said, all dreams.

The Truth does not need a dream, it is complete to itself. And yet, Love has allowed creation. Love has allowed multiplication, shimmering to infinity, but has not created it itself. Before creation, like each of you, it is now becoming more and more obvious, and easier, not to see what is moving away and disappearing, but to reinforce what previously seemed to you to be a dream or a very distant objective, to realize oneself in this world, in this moment, putting an end to oblivion, also putting an end to suffering, putting an end to ordeal.

The time of the resurrection, right here in this world, is an earthly wedding whose glory is like no other, which the elements around you dance and sing, which the Earth itself dances and sings, by its fire, by its freedom and by its ascension.

As has been said, to the extent that we are One, one in the other, and there is no one, we cannot leave any other person who is only us, in order to join the One. And it does not require effort, it does not require work, it simply requires crossing the void or the full, the void or the whole, to cross the dreams if there are any, which present themselves, at whatever level they are, and to remain motionless, because the Absolute has never moved. This I have always been there, the I and not the game.

This is the truth that reveals itself in every heart, putting an end to the individual's dream, to the dream where suffering is inscribed, to the dream where distance is inscribed. So that everything may be lived in the same grace, in the same obviousness and above all, in the same Love, where there is no longer any difference, there is no longer any distance, there is only That.

Even if this is not true for you at the moment, wait for the next moment. Place yourself in the embracement, place yourself in humility. But don't disappear, stay there, within yourself. And embrace. Become the perfect container of what you Are. That's your only task. And I repeat to you, it is not a work, it is not an effort, it is a lightness like no other, that you will never be able to achieve within the dream and yet it awakens within the dream itself, proving to you by this very fact, by the miracles and living experiences, by the intensity of Love or Peace, that everything else was only passing, really and concretely. But now you're living it. Or you will experience it.


Who wants to say, testify, speak, question? Unless at this moment, at this moment, you prefer silence, punctuated by Abba's words, to break the silence in order to strengthen it.

Voice: There are no further questions.


The silence that is now being experienced is the most adequate condition to embrace and receive, proving to us that there is no request to make, that there is just to empty oneself of the I and the self, to make room, all the place for what is there. There is no other precondition, there is no prerequisite except, I would say, the posture of your ephemeral consciousness, erasing itself to leave all the space.

It is in this sense that it cannot be a request, it is in this sense that it cannot be an expectation, it is in this sense that this cannot be worked on or seen, or understood. This can only be experienced, because it is beyond any understanding, beyond any history, beyond any condition. And that is how Love is. It does not depend on any condition, it does not depend on any dimension, it does not depend on any oblivion, it does not depend on anything but itself, because it is the whole.

Disappearing to yourselves, and not disappearing by the calls of the Light or the injunction of the Light, that is over. You are now standing with your eyes open, carrying the Light. It is up to you to know if you remain and remain a carrier of Light or if you really and concretely become the entire Light you have carried. Because the latter has nothing more to enlighten than to be present to itself as you are to yourself, beyond any consideration of any kind whatsoever. It is in this sense that demand creates a distance, while Abba is in you, he is not distant, especially now, in a conscious way.

Do not worship anyone or anything, just be in this embrace, which could be called otherwise and in other places, the prayer of the heart. This prayer of the heart which is nothing other than this total and unconditional embracement of Love, whatever the cost, whatever the apparent sufferings. There is nothing else to do, there is nothing else to seek, there is just to give you back, to stop all struggle, in yourselves as in every world, as in every relationship.

To see nothing but Love in everyone, beyond their anger, beyond their price, beyond their suffering. Do not let yourself be deceived by any appearance whatsoever, because all appearances of these times have only one function and only one objective, to reveal That. Keep this goal in mind, no matter what your life may be. Whatever you see or understand, it does not matter, because it is neither through understanding, nor through seeing it, nor through experience, that you ultimately become again what you have always been, that has never moved.

This was called sacrifice. To pass from the simulacrum to the sacred just requires a simple reversal of your consciousness, from the outside and the form, from its attraction towards matter or towards spirituality as you call it, to turn inside yourself and finally find the spirit that you are, to find the Christ consciousness that is available everywhere.

There are no preconditions here either. Here too, it is a welcome, an acquiescence, without conditions and without preconditions. As I told you, there is no longer any contract, there is no longer any carrot, there is no longer any delay, there is no longer any distance. And as always, your freedom is there. And as I said, it is not a matter of choice or decision, it is a matter of moment or time.

This instant or this moment, you create it yourself and you can recreate it at any time, from the moment you leave the game, in order to discover yourself beyond any posture, any role, any happy adventure as well as any suffering. There is nothing to do, just be there, with yourself. Abba is awakened in each of you. You recognize yourself in me, I recognize myself in everyone, because we are the same. There is no difference between the creature and the father, there is no difference between the creature and the creator. Abba was simply there, present, at all times. Abba didn't create anything, Abba is just present. And this presence, revealed in you, with yourself, puts an end to all myths of creation.

Conscious co-creation, joining the primordial androgynous, is the ultimate act of completing the work of creation, and that is exactly what you are experiencing. This ultimate creation summarizes all the others. It is a fire of Joy, a fire of Love that feeds on itself.

Always the silence.

Voice: We have a question, Abba.

So, we're listening to you.

Participant : It's not a question, it's a testimony.

Testimony: Over the years, we have made progress, we have expressed important feelings. And lately, a lot has been happening in a hurry. I couldn't get in sync and feel what I used to feel very strongly. And since I have been here, for a few days, there have been once again deep feelings of Love.

I meant that this blaze, finally, that I was waiting for without waiting, but that I was still waiting for, manifested itself, just now, just at the end of the last session, where I kissed and kissed all the souls here present. And I am grateful for that. And now I'm putting myself in a strange situation. That is to say, my consciousness is in a point, as on a horizon line, being neither in the personality, nor I don't know where, but it is a kind of no man's land of Peace and Love. Thank you.

Blessed, from the moment you are no longer located, you are like Abba, you are Abba, you are Abba, you are from everywhere. And I thank you and for interrupting you before you are perhaps finished, to tell you that what you have just said, what you have just experienced, is the one and only truth.

What is born can never disappear and can only grow, it is not an experience, it is what you are. As you yourself say, as soon as you live this, you can only recognize yourself, then allowing me to recognize you too, as you recognized me. And what you say is perfect, you kissed and kissed the souls here and you succeeded.

Remember that, not so long ago in earthly terms, one of our closest saints, Theresa, spent her life trying to embrace a soul, a sinner. She only kissed one of them and she is what she is. You, today, are much more than the saints, much more than the mystics, much more than Christ, much more than Moses, much more than Abba, because you have gone through all the layers to find yourself. So, there is no greater miracle than this one, everything else is just a farce, everything else is a mask. For from the moment when your conscience has married, in inner alchemy, really and concretely, another soul, you notice the result, everything is there.

It is in this sense that I previously answered a brother who saw a soul on his mental screen, that there is a profound difference between what you experience and the words you put, and the words that were put previously. There is neither criticism nor judgment. Once again, there is simply highlighting what is the pure truth that is lived, and on the other hand, the pure truth that is embraced, that is thought, but that is not yet lived, where there is effectively missing this total gift of self, this famous sacrifice where you embrace the other, whatever he is, in whatever illusion he is and in whatever world he is, is actually present in you.

As soon as this is really realized and lived, then, there is nothing else to live for, if not to serve, that is, to demonstrate and live this Love in everyone, because everyone is you, you know it, you have lived it. There will never be a ceaseless moment, if I may say so, when you have thought of all those who have crossed your path, of all those who cross it, of all the strangers wherever they are on Earth, who suffer, who doubt, in order, there too, to bring them reconciliation by taking them in you, without any exception.

There is no other alternative to be freed, so that Abba too may absorb us all, so that we may all be returned to Mary's heart when the time comes, to put an end to the travesty, to put an end to the dream. The time for everyone to finish their dream, the time for everyone to join your heart as mine, and for all hearts to come together in the same blaze of Love, really realizing that everything is One, before discovering, that ultimately there has never been anyone and that there is just that. And through this body of flesh, where consciousness cannot be defined preferentially in one place or another, then there is freedom, then there is Love and the resurrection is completed in its entirety.


Once again, Abba takes advantage of the silence to commune, to put everyone in my heart, as I come in everyone. For the time being, it is in this place and in the places that listen, but in a short time, as you know, we will be together at the same time, in the same space, that of our heart, all united and all free. My words will simply be the music that accompanies your resurrection. There is no other meaning to look for, no interpretation to find, but simply, I am with you.

As you have always been told, I cannot make the way for you, but I can do it in you, which is much more important and real. It is up to you to abolish all barriers, all borders and all limits. The fire is in you, you have all the cards in hand, and I can say it now, we are just waiting for you. But take your time, because time, as we move forward in this particular time of the Earth, more and more of us have indeed come out of that time, but remain with you, at your side, and in you if you wish. But it is you who must, not ask for it, not hope for it, but make yourself available, within silence and emptiness, in order to allow yourself to embrace us in totality.

Love, this great Love, can only be found like this. In order for you to embrace and prove to yourself that everyone else is nothing but you, in this world, as everywhere in the manifestation, you must live the truth in this world, because it is here, as I said, that the equation is solved. And this is resolved in this body, whatever your life, whatever you think, whatever you believe or whatever your adherence to any element of this world. Everything is lived through this.

All the keys and resonances were provided to you by surprise, allowing you to do a work in the space of about forty days that no book could do, no prayer could make concrete, no group could update, because the times had not come. And I told you, it was all written in advance. Abba never plays dice, Abba leaves no room for chance, whatever you may think of it even today, the proof will be all the more striking at your moment.


Who is speaking?

You all see clearly, here as elsewhere, by listening, the density of silence, the density of evidence. And to every word, every sentence and every silence, here and everywhere, many hearts rise in the glory of Truth and in the enjoyment of Love.


Who is speaking?

Participant : Since the beginning of this meeting and the arrival of Abba, in a channeling...

Beloved, forget the word channeling, I am just a simple man who is also Abba like you. This is direct, this is expressed from the heart, your heart as mine. But keep going.

Participant : Yes, I have trouble talking because I'm upset. I saw when I wrote, before testifying, that Abba was using words again, finally Abba's verb was the one I was writing that very morning. And I found that everything was... it was the same thing. Then tears flowed, which I couldn't hold back. And since then, the barriers have fallen, the distance I put in practically no longer exists, I see today the father, mother and child in the new Eucharist, and this creature that I am, which becomes all this itself. It's very strong, the heart is racing and the evidence is there now. There you go.

We all embrace your testimony here and elsewhere. Because your testimony is alive. It penetrates and hits us, and it reveals itself in us because between you and me, as between you and each other, there is no difference. We are here to accompany you, we cannot make the way for you and you have done it. So our hearts warm up. So, hearts are burning too. Because every time one of you, as you said, abandons your defenses and barriers, all that remains is Love. And every time one of us finds himself, countless others find themselves, even if they don't know them.

This is the miracle of Love. It is freedom, it is no longer the relationship, it is no longer communication, you no longer need Anal, he is in you. This is what you have been prepared for, for some of you for a very long time, aware for some of you of this crossing of the desert and the countless questions and reversals you have experienced which, today, you can say it, have only served to bring you to this moment. Because it couldn't be otherwise. Within Love, everything is planned, everything is there.

So, since your eyes and heart have run out, your simple words are welcomed as the evidence and Truth, as I told you, allowing countless brothers and sisters to achieve this.

Thus, then, you have put an end to your temporal line, thereby leading countless brothers and sisters who, by contiguity of soul and not of body, can also experience the same thing. That is why I have called it contagion and pandemic, because it concerns all consciences. And I reassure those who, even today, are still wandering or suffering, or in the thirst for it, remember what our sister said. All the barriers fall and the barriers are the dream that put them there. They are linked to the dream, to nothing else, not to you. Never make anything of what you are experiencing a personal matter, because there is no one, there is only that.

So, in what way do you want to maintain the dream of being a person, the dream of any evolution or transformation, when what is to be lived is a transubstantiation. This is the moment when you find yourself and you cannot find yourself in any story, in any prerequisite, in any experience, you can only find yourself by embracing the other. And of course, Abba, the bridgehead, asks only one thing, that all of you, without asking anything, embrace me, not as a person, not as a story, since there is no more history, but as the Truth that you are. In the same way, but by living this truth through another, through Abba, through an unknown or known brother, you achieve the same thing and it is immediate, and it suffers no exception, none, it is just a matter of time.

As you know, the turning point has been reached for many years, but the Truth had to be told and revealed in its entirety, and this could only happen now, and it can now happen to everyone, at their own time, in these reduced times. Have no doubt, the certainty around you, the testimonies, are not there to make you dream, but on the contrary, to make you land beyond any dream, in the unfathomable Truth of Love. It cannot be otherwise, every day will confirm it to you, with more and more majesty, whether it is in you or in what you will be given to see and hear. But be sure that at another time, at another moment, it cannot be otherwise for everyone. I swore an oath, you promised it long before, long before you went into any demonstration.

And of course, all those words you heard... Love is simple. Today, as soon as it is lived, you can only cry or laugh, because there is nothing simpler, absolutely nothing simpler. And if it still seems to you, you who hear me, you who are there, so far from you, then I tell you that it is you who have distanced yourself from Love, seeking it elsewhere than where it has always been. Whether in stories, in couples, in books, in experiences, in the past, in the future, you couldn't be there. The times are right to understand it, embrace it, and live it in its entirety. Understanding it will give you the knowledge and experience that it is the truth.

But you will always have this last stage, as our sister said, where the barriers crumble, where there is nothing left to remember, because Love cannot be retained, and that is what you are. From that moment on, you will be able to say individually, as I said at the collective level, even before the event, that everything is accomplished.

No fear can be maintained before Love, no obstacle can stop Love, no force can approach Love, no world, here or elsewhere, can claim Love in its extreme power, fullness and magnificence. Only what you are can do so, out of any form, out of any manifestation. And living this burn then, right here, in the midst of form and confinement, what can remain of will, of experience, in any dimension whatsoever or in any world whatsoever?

There is only Love. The rest simply allowed you to lead your dream to this propitious moment, in order not to be too far away, as close as possible to the truth. The Archangel Anael told you, there are relative truths, there is an absolute truth, there is a reflected light, there is a light with shadows and there is pure Light, which is pure happiness, which depends on nothing. And that's what everyone is, entirely, and that puts an end to any dream.

In this sense, it is not I who put an end to the creation I did not create, it is each of you who remembers. The Oath and the Promise, I had written them in the Source, I wrote them down from the first emanation, so they found themselves from one end of the creation and the dream to the other, and it could not be, I repeat, otherwise. So be blessed, as I bless you every minute, from the moment my eyes meet your eyes, from the moment my attention is focused on you, wherever you are. This blessing is not an effort, it does not take me time, it is timeless and that is how I join you, and that is how you join me, and that is how you join each other.

Look, all religions without exception have told you about an afterthought, or something else, or something to improve. It is only nonsense and foolishness that have pressed on the weight of your density, that have prevented you from making you aware of the Truth of Love, have distanced you from it. This is over, no one and nothing can deceive you anymore, no one and nothing can take you out of the Truth, you will no longer have the desire, you will have no wish, you will remain in this blaze of Love, because it cannot be otherwise. There is nothing that can equal or replace what is, Love.

Is there anything else you want to tell us, sister? Don't hesitate, let your heart speak for itself.

Participant : I am troubled by what is happening, to feel within me this strength, this Love that fills everything.

And he hasn't finished filling everything in, it's only the beginning. Now, yes, it is a real beginning, which is not a story, which is not a lie, which is not tomorrow, which is not yesterday, which is not elsewhere, everything is there, absolutely everything.

So, all of us here present, we give you thanks and welcome you into us in order to live this, since there are no more barriers. Grant us the gift of your heart as we grant you the gift of our heart, in this silence.


Thank you, thank you for giving us your peace, thank you for your blessings, thank you.


Look, as soon as another person here, but anywhere on Earth, experiences this, it is each of us who experiences it and comes closer to what has always been there. Abba is as human as you are, he is not beyond, he is you, nothing more and nothing less. There is no posture, there is no one to worship more than another, there is no one to worship, there is nothing to constitute, no religion, no movement, no ashram, there is just to be, everything else follows by itself, absolutely everything.


Who is speaking?

Participant : It's a testimony. I wanted to thank Abba for the answer I received earlier, when I asked how it would be done to everyone according to their faith and how it would be done for the dissolution of all multiverse. Because there was a sister who wanted to continue in the matter. In fact, I received the answer for myself, the burn I had in my neck reached my heart, and the answer I received was a great liberation and a lot of tears and joy.

Abba frees your hands, frees your heart and frees your verb. The weights are off, but I didn't do it, I in you are you. I see you, you see me, I am you, you are me.


I think it is better to remain in this silence until the end of the time allotted to us. I give you time to let me know, so that everyone may welcome the gift of our sister's grace.

Voice: Our time is limited, but I think we can welcome in silence.

There are only a few minutes left.


All that remains is to give thanks to each other in the same impulse, in the same Love, so that the inner smile may grow, so that the evidence of Love may spread in everyone, in every place on Earth, in every place of the universe, in every dimension. There are no more barriers. Abba can only thank each of you and give thanks to each of you.

Abba tells you forever, in the Truth of Love that can never disappear.

Once again, I thank you, I thank everyone and I say to you until forever.


Through Jean Luc Ayoun

Les Transformations.

Transcription from French: Equipo Agape

Translation to English: revised by LMF.


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